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Why You should Ditch the Idea of Employer "Monogamy"

Why You should Ditch the Idea of Employer "Monogamy"

Why You should Ditch the Idea of Employer "Monogamy"

By the Monster Career Coach



Once upon a time, in a land not far away, people worked at one employer for not just a few years at a time, or possibly a decade if things went their way, but for 20 to 30 years or more, retiring from their job with a gold watch and full pension. If you find yourself scratching your head wondering where and when on earth that was, the time period was up to the 1990’s, and the place was Canada.



Compared to today’s workplaces, for most people that way of working seems a distant memory. The average time an employee stays with a single employer these days has dropped considerably. Conditions have shifted greatly since our parents entered the workforce. The norm now is not so much to “climb the company ladder,” as they used to say, but to stay ready for a series of moves over the years to a variety of employers.

A Chance For Professional Development

While not everyone is keen on working for an assortment of employers over the course of their career, there are actually a number of positives in doing so. You get to experience more than a couple of work environments. You’re exposed to a real diversity of people. And you don’t need to feel so stuck if things aren’t optimal in your current role, because hiring managers elsewhere are far more willing to look at resumes that show multiple employers over a reasonable number of years (so long as you aren’t hopping from job to job in a way that looks erratic).

At each of the places you work you’ll pick up new skills and learn the art of being flexible and responsive to change. Therefore when you’re faced with a possible job search due to shifts in your current place of employment, you are more likely to approach the transition ready to spring into action. In fact, more so than in previous decades, some employees eagerly look forward to being at new employers for fresh, interesting challenges.

Keep Yourself At The Ready

There is quite a bit you can do to adjust for the way that career paths are developing. A sampling follows:

1. Keep Your Skills and Knowledge Current
·         Take in-house or company-sponsored courses
·         Use education reimbursement and choose your own courses externally
·         Read industry publications to follow trends and news
·         Stay current with the software and equipment needed in your field
2. Stay Aware of Possible Opportunities
·         Watch for openings within your existing organization
·         Speak to recruiting and personnel agencies from time to time
3. Have Your Parachute Packed In Advance
·         Update your resume every three to six months so it’s current
·         Retain relevant samples of your work (so long as they aren’t confidential)
·         Maintain a record of any awards or evidence of praise you’ve received
Move Forward When It’s Time To Move On
It’s quite possible that your future will lead you to more than a single employer for life. In this you are not alone. It’s to be expected in our rapidly changing economy. Thus there is much to look forward to and no reason to feel bad that you don’t have the same unbroken career path as the previous generation may have experienced.
What you do possess is a chance to blaze your own trail. By updating your skills and knowledge regularly, being watchful for the right opportunities, and preparing for change, you can be sure that the parachute you’ve packed will help you achieve a softer landing.

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