No Experience Resume Sample & Template

No Experience Resume Sample & Template

No-experience job positions seem like they would be the easiest ones to land, but these are often some of the most difficult jobs to apply for. When you're first entering the work force, it's challenging to prove your competence, skills, and value without a solid work history to point to. You know that you'd make an excellent employee, but how can you convince your potential employer of this in just a handful of words?

Your no-experience resume is the only introduction you have before landing that coveted job interview, so it's crucial that you make a good impression and give a well-rounded look at your skills and talents. You may not have an extensive work history, but you've no doubt been doing something to fill your hours the last few years. Turn your school activities, volunteer jobs, and educational achievements into worthy inclusions for your resume. Check out this no-experience resume sample for ideas on how you can help your future employer see who you are and what you have to offer.


Common Mistakes for No-Experience Resumes


One of the biggest mistakes you can make when you're building a no-experience resume is to trim it down to nothing. Though you may not have work experience, you can still fill out this field with other types of experience. An empty resume may give hiring managers the impression that you haven't done anything productive with your time in school. Prove that you have, and offer solid examples of the education and experience that you've gained along the way.

Don't hesitate to get creative and think outside the box as you're building your resume. This no-experience resume template demonstrates how you can use your experience as a summer camp volunteer or the skills you learned in a computer class to fill out your resume. If you're struggling to identify your strengths, ask around. Teachers, parents, friends, and family members can help you identify areas where you stand out from the pack. Point out that you're a strong speaker, an organized and punctual individual, or a natural leader, particularly when these skills translate well to the job that you want to land.

Tailor your resume to the position that you're applying for as much as possible. Highlight the most relevant skills and try to give some cohesion to your no-experience resume whenever possible. For example, if you're applying to work on construction of park facilities, you can make your teamwork, physical abilities, and experience with outdoor activities into relevant features that show why you're right for the job.


No Experience Resume Sample


Anna James
63 Garden Court
Toronto, ON
123-456-789 |

Work Experience
2013 - 2014
Toronto, ON
Build Site Volunteer | Habitat for Humanity GTA
  • Assist with the construction of over a dozen homes in the Toronto area
  • Coordinate with others on a team to complete projects in a timely manner
  • Perform various construction jobs, including framing, siding, painting, and finish work
2012 - 2013
Toronto, ON
Student Vice President | Toronto District School Board
  • Prepared meeting agendas with the President
  • Facilitated discussion at meetings and mediated disputes
  • Worked with the President and Treasurer to prepare calendars
2011 - 2012
Toronto, ON
Assistant Summer Camp Volunteer | High Park Nature Centre
  • Assisted with presentation of outdoor nature interpretation programs
  • Cleaned and maintained the Nature Centre
  • Fed and cared for amphibians and reptiles at the Nature Centre
2011 - 2015
Toronto, ON
Toronto High School
Ontario Secondary School Diploma
Additional Skills & Interest
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office – Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
  • Strong interpersonal and leadership skills
  • Powerful oral communication skills, particularly in group settings
  • Strong time management skills
  • Excellent time management skills

No-Experience Positions to Consider

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