Nursing Student Resume Sample & Template

Nursing Student Resume Sample & Template

As a nursing student, your resume should help you gain an internship or entry-level nursing position. These roles will help you apply your clinical education and health care skills, giving you the experience you need to develop as a registered nurse.

You might feel it will be difficult to fill a resume with your limited experience, but this guide will provide you with a template that considers your education and helps you communicate it to potential employers. A good nursing student resume is all about creating the right first impression. On average, an employer will spend only 10 to 20 seconds assessing whether you would be a good fit for a position, so it's important to create a resume that looks impressive and details your qualifications and skills in an efficient and effective manner.


Common Mistakes for Nursing Student Resumes


Given the brief amount of time an employer will spend with your resume, brevity is crucial. Too many nursing students try to make up for a lack of industry experience by stating all their other achievements. However, if you take pages to write about your time leading the high school drama club or all the part-time jobs you had, an employer could miss what's really relevant to your nursing career. Prioritize your key achievements and keep your resume to one page.

The wrong formatting can also undermine your resume. Points and adequate white space will make your resume easier to browse through. Keep your points short with specific facts for maximum effectiveness.

A final mistake made by many nursing students is submitting a resume that isn't a PDF. It sounds like a trivial point, but this file format is the only way to maintain your formatting.


Nursing Student Resume Sample


Amanda Brown
1 Main Street
Toronto, ON
123-456-789 |

Work Experience
01/15 - Present
Toronto, ON
Clinical Placement | Toronto General Hospital
  • Assist registered nurses with the care of critically ill patients
  • Communicate with and provide support for family members of patients
  • Read and interpret cardiac monitor and laboratory results
01/14 - 04/14
Toronto, ON
Clinical Placement | St. Paul's Hospital
  • Provided complete nursing care for up to three postpartum mothers
  • Completed observation shifts in labour and delivery suite
  • Acted as a team leader for up to nine other nursing students
09/13 - 12/13
Toronto, ON
Clinical Placement | General Hospital
  • Completed observational shifts in the operating room
  • Provided complete nursing care for up to four patients at a time
  • Developed understanding of thoracic, neck, and head oncology, including complications that can arise during therapy sessions
2011 - 2015
Toronto, ON
Ingram School of Nursing
B.S. Nursing
Additional Skills & Interest
  • Fluent in English, French, and American Sign Language
  • Proficient with electronic medical record systems including Epic Software
  • Proficient with ICD10 and ICD9 billing codes
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office – Excel, Word, and PowerPoint
  • Excellent time management skills

Nursing Student Positions to Consider

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