How to Include Your Personal Brand Statement in Your Cover Letter

How to Include Your Personal Brand Statement in Your Cover Letter

How to enhance your cover letter

By Martin Buckland
Monster Contributing Writer

The Personal Brand statement is a key component in differentiating yourself from the competition and should be consistently portrayed in all your resume documents. The following is an excerpt from a job seeker's initial cover letter submission for a job as a Retail Manager.  
"Please find attached my resume for the Retail Manager position advertised on
I have 13 years experience and am seeking a job with a growing company that can utilize my knowledge. 
I trust you will find my employment experience suitable for this job. Please feel free to contact me should you need more information."

Cover Letter Critique

Sounds bland. Sounds Generic. No charisma. We have not learned anything about the person applying for the position. We have no idea if this candidate has any sort of personality.

Consider this statistic: an HR professional spends a maximum of 30 to 60 seconds conducting an initial resume assessment. It is therefore critical the resume is structured and strategically composed to maximize the impact made upon the reader in such a short timeframe.

Try Crafting a Cover Letter Like This Instead

The new cover letter below complements the resume by employing Personal Branding to 'sell' the candidate's qualifications. It is far more descriptive and has more impact.

"I am excited to formally apply for the Senior Retail Manager position as advertised on I know I exceed the qualifications listed and will rapidly bring value to the store in fulfilling your corporate mandate of “Providing the best product, price and service within Ontario”. 
As noted in the attached resume, my career revolves around successfully managing retail operations built on establishing a solid reputation as an exceptional customer-service driven professional. 

This reputation has not only secured loyal clientele for my employer but positively impacted my career progression. In my current appointment as Store Manager with MyGap, I was hand-picked by the District Manager to lead the opening of the chains newest test model 25,000 sq. ft. store managing 25 direct reports. 

I can be described as a highly motivated sales hunter and lead by example as a supportive mentor and coach in establishing cohesive, performance-driven teams."

Cover Letter Critique

The above example clearly answers the employer’s question “Why should I hire you?” .  This candidate highlights her value. What is your value? How can you be the person to solve the employer's problem?