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Personal Support Worker Resume Sample & Template

Personal Support Worker Resume Sample & Template

Personal Support Worker

Personal support workers are healthcare workers who specialize in caring for people who are unable to look after themselves. Personal support workers often specialize in caring for particular patient types, such as senior citizens, people with mental impairments, or people with physical disabilities. If you're looking to pursue a rewarding career as a personal support worker, you'll need a professional resume.

Recent graduates should highlight their educational achievements and any relevant volunteer work. People with prior experience working in the personal support sector should ensure that their resumes emphasize work history, especially work experience that relates to the positions for which they are applying. For example, experience working in a nursing home will be relevant for another position working with seniors.

Common Mistakes for Personal Support Worker Resumes

In your haste to apply for an exciting position, don't make the mistake of forgetting about the details. Grammatical and spelling mistakes will make your resume look unprofessional, which will reflect badly on you. It's a good idea to take a day or two after reading your resume before proofreading it, so that you can see your work with fresh eyes. It may also be helpful to get a friend or colleague to read over your resume, especially if he or she is a personal support worker.

Failing to target the resume is another common blunder. In most cases, the role you're applying for will see you working with one type of patient, so any experience you have working with similar patients would be seen as the most valuable. Your resume should highlight any relevant experience, skills, and achievements. Anything that is irrelevant to the position you're applying for should be left out.

Personal Support Worker Resume Sample


Tyler Willis
150 Munroe Avenue
New Glasgow, NS
123-456-789 |

Work Experience
2013 - Present
New Glasgow, NS
Disability Support Worker | New Glasgow Residential Care
  • Support physically disabled clients with cleaning, feeding, bathing, and toileting
  • Communicate client needs to care managers
  • Chaperone clients to appointments, shopping excursions and social engagements
2010 - 2013
New Glasgow, NS
Community Support Volunteer | Helping Hand
  • Assisted physically disabled clients with domestic duties, including cleaning and cooking meals
  • Accompanied clients on excursions to parks and shopping centres
  • Helped develop and deliver tailored care plans
2008 - 2010
New Glasgow, NS
Disability Support Worker | New Glasgow Community
  • Supported physically disabled clients with cleaning, cooking, feeding, bathing, toileting, and taking medication
  • Developed and implemented behaviour intervention and support initiatives
  • Developed partnerships and regularly liaised with community groups
2008 - 2009
Halifax, NS
Nokia Scotia Community College
Continuing Care Assistant Certificate
Additional Skills & Interest
  • Certified for first aid and CPR by Canadian Red Cross
  • Certified for manual handling by Canada Safety Council
  • Hold a Class 2 driver’s license
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office – Excel, Word, and PowerPoint
  • Strong record-keeping skills

Personal Support Worker Positions to Consider

Are you ready to apply for a personal support worker job? Check out the following links to start searching for exciting job positions in your area.

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