Project Coordinator Resume Sample & Template

Project Coordinator Resume Sample & Template

A project coordinator supports a project manager or project facilitator to ensure projects and assignments are delivered on time and on budget. To achieve this, he or she must take responsibility for a number of tasks, including scheduling and managing communication among all project team members, developing and distributing meeting materials, and other administrative duties. Project coordinators require professional resumes to demonstrate they have experience leading teams, working with groups of people, and working in the employer's industry.

Your resume should detail your core competencies, especially those that align with the job you're applying for. It should also emphasize your team management experience and relevant credentials.

Common Mistakes for Project Coordinator Resumes

Project coordinators must demonstrate strong attention to detail. This starts with submitting your resume. Make sure you avoid the common mistake of submitting a resume with a spelling error, incorrect grammar, or typo by proofreading your resume at least twice. It's a good idea to get a trusted friend or colleague to look it over in order to catch any errors you've missed. Also make sure to double-check the phone numbers of any references to ensure these are also correct.

Working as a project coordinator is a serious role, so resist the temptation to add decorative flourishes to make your resume stand out. A smart border is fine, but graphics and coloured elements will only distract from your important resume copy.

Make sure to use clear, specific terms when listing your achievements and responsibilities. Employees can become suspicious about what you've actually done when you use vague terminology.

Project Coordinator Resume Sample


Celia Smith
45 Locke Street
Hamilton, ON
123-456-789 |

Work Experience
2013 - Present
Hamilton, ON
Project Coordinator | Hamilton Construction Services
  • Work closely with project manager planning projects and preparing documents
  • Prepare financial and progress reports and communicate information about these to relevant staff
  • Communicate requirements to relevant departments and employees to keep progress on track
2011 - 2013
Hamilton, ON
Project Assistant | Hamilton Construction Services
  • Created PowerPoint presentations for project meetings
  • Created monthly progress reports and communicated results to appropriate staff
  • Performed general office support and administrative tasks as requested, including answering and directing phone calls
2009 - 2011
Hamilton, ON
Project Assistant | Hughes & Pang
  • Kept and maintained project files
  • Monitored project tracking systems
  • Performed general office support and administrative tasks as requested
2004 - 2008
Hamilton, ON
McMaster University
Bachelor of Civil Engineering
Additional Skills & Interest
  • Expert project management skills
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office – Excel, Word, PowerPoint
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Excellent time management and organization skills
  • Strong research skills

Project Coordinator Positions to Consider

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