Project Manager Resume Sample & Template

Project managers work in many different industries, from construction and IT (information technology) to education and manufacturing. They are responsible for overseeing and managing specific accounts or projects for their employers. For instance, a construction project manager is in charge of a construction project from start to finish.

The educational requirements for project managers vary depending on the industry. In the IT industry, for example, project managers might need degrees in computer science or technology in addition to training in project management. Some project managers have unrelated degrees but become managers through on-the-job experience and training.

If you're looking for a rewarding career as a project manager, you'll need a project manager resume that provides potential employers with a comprehensive overview of your skills, expertise, and experience. Employers are looking for professionals who can increase project efficiency, meet budgetary requirements, manage effective teams, and communicate well with clients. In fact, communication skills are among the most valuable for professionals in this industry because project managers must serve as liaisons between their employers, clients, and other contractors or service providers.

When writing your project manager resume, think about what a potential employer might like to see. Focus on your main accomplishments, such as dollar amounts for project revenue and efficiency statistics. For instance, if you increased the speed of the completion on a construction project by 20 percent, potential employers will want to know this. It shows your dedication and your skill level.

Many project managers work in the same industries their entire professional lives. If you want to change industries (such as from construction to IT), you'll need to give employers a compelling reason to accept you as a viable candidate. Highlight any experience you might have in the industry in which you want to work. Use your cover letter to explain your reasons for making the switch.

You'll also want to highlight any skills you have that might translate well to your role within the company. If you are an excellent organizer, for example, make sure to mention it. If possible, provide concrete data that supports your contention. Include details like the type of organizational systems you implemented in a previous job.

Format your project manager resume so that it's easy to read and skim. Use bullet points or numbered lists to organize the data.


Project Manager Resumes Sample


Alice Jones
345 First Street
Hamilton, ON
123-456-789 |

Work Experience
2010 - Present
Hamilton, ON
Project Manager | ABC Construction
  • Meet with clients to discuss and fine-tune project expectations
  • Create detailed budgets for construction projects
  • Oversee materials acquisition and handling
2011 - 2013
Hamilton, ON
Project Manager | DEF Constructors Ltd.
  • Hired experienced employees to staff construction projects
  • Finalized blueprints with architect and general contractors
  • Coordinated project tasks with subcontractors
2009 - 2011
Hamilton, ON
Assistant Project Manager | GHI Builders
  • Managed commercial construction projects up to $25 million
  • Ensured continued profitability through efficient programmatic changes
  • Reviewed contracts and other documents prior to submission to senior management
2004 - 2008
Toronto, ON
Ryerson University
Project Management (PM)
Additional Skills & Interest
  • Advanced knowledge of BuilderTrend and Co-Core software programs
  • Excellent team management and leadership skills
  • Experience with both new construction and renovation projects
  • Proven ability to manage and execute projects with large budgets
  • Advanced negotiation skills

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