Read This Before You Send Out Your Resume

Read This Before You Send Out Your Resume

Resume writing help

By Amanda Frank
Monster Contributing Writer

To help you get mentally and technically prepared to create a winning resume we’ve compiled a list of the best tips and samples straight from Monster’s library of career advice. Keep this essential inventory of articles close at hand to guide you through the process of writing, formatting and highlighting your experience on your resume. There’s something for everyone.


Checklists & Resources

Whether you’re starting from scratch, revamping an oldie, writing it yourself or outsourcing the job to professionals Monster helps you make the most of your resume’s potential. We have a checklist to provide you with focus and direction and links to resources if you need an effective resume working for you fast.

Resume Critique Checklist
Top Resources for a Resume Critique
Gift Yourself A Professionally Written Resume

Mistakes and Do Nots

You can’t charm your way out of a mistake on your resume, because you’re simply not there. The reality is mistakes will sink your resume to the bottom of the list faster than a twenty-ton anchor. Don’t give recruiters an excuse to chuck your resume into the no-call pile. Read these article to find out how to eradicate common errors from your resume.

The Worst Resume Mistake EVER!
Resume Faux Pas
Avoid These 10 Resume Mistakes
Put Negative Resume Feedback to Work
Lying on Your Resume
Common Resume Blunders
What to Leave Off Your Resume

Dealing with Termination

The uncomfortable topic of termination is tough to translate into written form on a resume. If you are wondering how to frame a job that let you go or whether to mention that rash of jobs you had, these articles help you figure out how to include (and exclude) awkward information with grace and poise.

Job Termination and Your Resume
Resume Writing Tips for Job Hoppers
Corporate Restructuring and Your Resume

Updating Your Resume

Since you could be called upon at anytime with no notice to send your resume to a recruiter, you should get into the habit of keeping your resume up to date. To help you instill this good practice we’ve compiled a few articles to inspire you with tips and shortcuts to complete the task fast and at regular intervals.

Is Your Resume Ready?
An Easy Way to Update Your Resume
Fun Ways to Beef Up Your Resume

Writing Tips

There is a better way to word your achievements. At a stage in the process where hard-hitting attention-getting statements are your only song and dance, your words need to salsa off the page. Make sure your resume hooks your audience and you will advance in your quest to snare a job. These articles contain excellent tips that are easy to apply and get results.

Replace the Resume Objective with a Personal Brand Statement
Create Accomplishment Statements on Your Resume
Write a Winning Employment History
How to Write a Clear Career Summary
Career Summaries vs. Career Objectives
Examples of Objectives
What You Should (and Shouldn't) Include in Your Resume
Describing Present Position
Resume Strategy: Specialist or Generalist

Resume Formatting

Your resume is your official passport to a job, and attention must be paid to how you format your document. Standardized rules apply and presentation counts. In this digitized world, formatting is critical for the practical reason that resumes need to be processed by systems, stored in databases and retrieved by humans who need to understand your value at a glance, or else you won’t make it to the next round. The following articles show you how to prepare a polished clean resume that gets you noticed.

The Proper Use Of Fonts In Your Resume
How to Decide on Resume Length
Suggested Cover Letter Format
Emailing Cover Letters and Attachments
Should You Use a Chronological or Functional Resume?
A Functional Resume Sample
The "Combined Format" Resume
How to Use Resume Samples Effectively

Web Search

Think you don’t know what's what when it comes to using the web to find jobs? The only thing standing between you and enlightenment are the articles below. Don’t let yours be one the fruitless searches sung by Peter Gabriel, learn essential tips on how to keep your content fresh, protect your privacy and use keywords effectively so recruiters can find you on Monster and the web at large. Let your resume be the beacon of the light and the heat in your eyes.

Resume Keyword Challenge
How Employers Use Monster to Find You: The Perfect Candidate
How to Send your Resume Via Email
Keep Your Online Resume Secure
Protect Your Personal Info
Use Monster’s Privacy Settings to Control Your Resume Information

New Grads

If you can’t conceive of what to write, or if your wondering whether to use 16-point size font to make up for the words you can’t quite come up with to cover one page of your resume, then you’re clearly not feeling very Jean Claude Van Damme (or maybe you are). Stop what you’re doing and read this bunch of articles.

Resume 101
How to Beef Up Your Entry-Level Resume
What's the Difference Between a Resume and a CV in Canada?
Work Your Education on Your Resume
Internships and Your Resume
Be Honest When Writing Your Resume
Cover Letter Sample - New Grad
Recent Grad Cover Letters

Seasoned Workers

Your resume might not be something you return to very often, it may just sit there and you may be content with its completeness, but that could just be laziness and complacency talking. It’s not enough to rest on your laurels in this competitive world. A healthier practice would be to examine your resume at least as often as your doctor checks your colon. Need I draw a closer parallel? These articles help you take the sting out of the (resume) process (can’t do much about the colonoscopy.)

Resume Dilemma: I'm Overqualified
Declutter Your Resume in Five Steps
Handle Your Work Hiatus On Your Resume
Rx for a Retro Resume
Get Your 50 Plus Resume Right