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Salary Info for Finance Jobs $70K Plus

Salary Info for Finance Jobs $70K Plus

Salary Info for Finance Jobs

Bean counters and number crunchers: we like to give cute labels to our finance professionals, but try running a company without them. At the Intermediate and Senior levels their expertise is critical. Who else can ensure that income from sales is “hedged” against such external risks as international currency fluctuations? And where would employers be without cost controls or tax minimization strategies?

For their many contributions to the bottom line, finance folks at these levels are well rewarded. Salaries of $70,000 are at the low end of the scale. At the upper end of the spectrum, wages alone can run well into the $200,000’s a year (and more!).

Of course for this kind of pay you’re expected to be specially educated and credentialed. A track record of related experience counts as well. Here are some of the typical jobs – and salaries above $70,000 – available in finance.

Tax Accountant II:
Maintains tax records and prepares tax returns, related schedules, and detailed reports for management. Must keep current with the latest revisions to federal and provincial income tax Acts. Uses tax software and online tools such as E-Filing. Requires a bachelor's degree – preferably in Business – and 2-5 years of experience in the field or in a related area. Tax Accountants may also need to be working toward an accounting designation such as CMA, CGA or CA.

Salary: Starting from $63,000 a year or so, right up to $90,000 annually. If you are doing temp work for one of the many finance Employment Agencies, your rate may range $32 - $45 per hour.

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Responsible for directing an organization's accounting functions. This may include establishing and maintaining the organization's accounting principles, practices, and procedures. Prepares sophisticated financial reports and presents findings and recommendations to top executives. Manages other finance staff. Requires a bachelor's degree and at least 7 years of direct experience in the field. A CMA, CGA or CA is also necessary. Typically reports to most senior financial officer or CEO.

$94,000 a year at the low end. $125,000+ on the upper part of the scale.

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Top Tax Executive:
Plans and directs all aspects of an organization's tax policies and objectives. Ensures compliance with all federal, provincial, and local tax regulations. Strives to legally minimize tax burdens using all available resources. Typically oversees a team that includes Accountants and Tax Specialists at various levels. Requires a bachelor's degree plus a CMA, CGA or CA with at least 15 years of experience in the field. Usually sits on the Executive Committee of mid-size to large organizations.

The bottom of this highly lucrative barrel is somewhere around $145,000 a year. Top Tax Executives at the country’s bigger firms can earn upwards of $220,000 annually or considerably more.


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