Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sales and Business Development

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sales and Business Development

By the Monster Career Coach


Thinking about a job in sales? There are plenty to choose from posted on Monster.ca. But before you start applying, read about what Business Development involves. Salary expectations, commission structures, cover letter examples, how to sell better…it’s all here.


Types Of Sales Jobs

Salespeople are found in almost every company. They produce the revenues a business needs to earn a profit and pay the bills. Nowadays many sales jobs (though not all by any means) come with the title “Business Development.” This reflects a more inclusive sales cycle that may involve other members of the team in prospecting for leads, presenting proposals to potential customers, producing cost estimates, and then closing the sale with proper documentation.

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Be a Sales Assistant 

Business Development


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Telemarketing as a Calling


Resumes and Cover Letters for Sales Jobs

Your marketing material when applying for sales jobs should focus on the revenues you’ve delivered previously. Show how you’ve increased the customer base, helped introduce new offerings, or grown sales with an existing clientele.

Interview Questions for Entry-Level Business Developer Position

Sales Cover Letter Example 

Sales Management Resume Sample


Salary and Compensation in Sales

If you enjoy getting rewarded for your direct efforts, sales is where it’s at. Many jobs in Business Development come with a base salary plus commissions (payments to you based on a percentage of what you sell). Some sales positions are 100% commission, in which case you get paid only when you make a sale. For this type of arrangement you generally earn a much higher percentage on your gross sales.

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Commission Versus Salary

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How to Sell Better

Consultative selling. Creating trust. Building business relationships. Sales today is less about quick wins than developing longer-term customer loyalty. Do you know how to make that happen?

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Changing Your Sales Presentations 

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