Selling Your Personal Brand

Stand out with confidence.

Selling Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand is going to evolve over time.


In part one of this series, we looked at how to connect with your values, core talents, and accomplishments. You can uncover your professional “why" and learn how to develop your personal brand.

In part two, we delved further, evaluating how your unique skills would serve as a foundation for building the sum of your professional edge.

In this part, we will bring your written words to life, so that you can sell yourself in any professional context with confidence.

What should you consider before taking your newly created brand out for a test drive?

The reality is that most people aren't used to selling themselves, and it can be challenging to separate who you are as an individual from who you are as a professional product.

The key to any compelling pitch is ensuring that your target audience is intrigued by what you are selling. You need to position your message to fill a void they may or may not realize exists. Give them something they NEED.

What are some ways to explore that?

Identify how you best communicate

Is your language logic or ego? Knowing your language can help position how you will approach people. Make sure to always speak in your voice.  Be authentic to you. Otherwise, you’ll just sound like a used car salesman.

Make sure your goals are clear

What would you do if they actually bought what you sold them? Be clear on what you want for the short and long term.

Confidence is key

The secret of how to develop your personal brand? Believing in the product (YOU!). It will go a long way and make the message seem more natural. It is a lot easier to sell something that you stand behind. Practicing on others can help to tweak the content and how you deliver it.

Plan ahead

Doing detective work on the individuals that you will be pitching helps highlight common points of interest to connect on, and you can utilize this as a technique to break the ice.

It’s time to get out there!

Networking events

Attending networking events can be a fantastic way to meet and greet with people. Everyone is there with the same intent, which is to meet new people. These events are great venues to build and cultivate a following that will watch your career evolve over the years.

Phone calls

They say you only get one chance to make a first impression. Pique their curiosity and give yourself an air of mystery. Give them a reason to not hang up on you.

Face-to-face interviews

A job interview is unlike any other form of interaction.  Both parties’ principal goal is to judge what the other has to offer.

What do you want the interviewer to remember about you?

Storytelling and providing concrete anecdotes that have some funny elements is by far the most powerful way to make you shine.

Job offers and negotiations

It is crucial in the final stages that you stay true to the brand that you have been selling since the beginning. You must be careful not to get caught up in Interview chemistry biases where you can be lured by your ego into a direction that doesn’t connect with your goals or aspirations.

Final thoughts

Connecting with your “why” gets you into a mindset where you are ready to walk into conversations feeling pumped and excited to showcase what you have to offer.

Furthermore, these techniques don’t only need apply to those looking to change jobs. Being connected to your values and creating a brand identity can help you to navigate and be considered for promotions, attractive transfers, and special projects — and it even can be utilized as a technique for requesting salary increases.

Fundamentally, understanding how to develop your personal brand should teach you more about yourself. Your brand must serve as your benchmark against which you weigh all of your professional decisions, ensuring that each move is calculated and aligned to your long-term aspirations!