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7 Jobs for People Who Like to Party

7 Jobs for People Who Like to Party


By Alida Moore,
If you are a social butterfly looking for a career that will allow you ample opportunities to celebrate your love for mixing, mingling and bountiful hors d’oeuvres, have we got the jobs for you. Online salary database has compiled the following list of gigs that keep you working directly with people and on the social scene.
Whether you hope to spend your work time rubbing elbows with heavy hitters or wining and dining potential clients, the following careers can help you spread your social butterfly wings. So go ahead. Throw on your fancy pants and read our list of seven jobs for people-people like you.  
Median Annual Pay: $62,000
What they do: Oversee the day-to-day operations of a hotel, while providing stellar customer service, must have a knack for organization, a cheerful disposition, and a love of meeting new people. If those characteristics describe you, consider a career in hotel management.
"I was Front Office Manager for a hotel in downtown Montreal and my main responsibility was to make sure our guests had a pleasant stay and that all front desk operations ran smoothly.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time there because I met so many people from different countries and different backgrounds – some of whom I still consider friends today.  Sometimes, you even get to meet celebrities," shared Stella Raposo.
Party potential: Many hotel guests are on vacation, potentially putting them in a socializing mood. Get to know your guests during daily afternoon mixers, help them plan their outings, and recommend the best restaurants you know.
Median Annual Pay: $55,600
What they do: Responsible for securing revenue for a particular cause, non-profit, or company, fundraisers cultivate a network of potential donors, finding deep pockets to make donations. Many fundraisers organize charity events and donation dinners.
Party potential: If you are passionate about a cause, and if you enjoy the challenge of getting others to support that cause, you could find satisfaction in this career. Bonus if you have the kind of personality that is nearly always “on.”
Median Annual Pay: $55,000
What they do: From traveling the world tasting different grape varietals and wines, to entertaining guests at their own vineyards, winemakers of the world enjoy a job with social activity and a delicious product. Many build relationships with restaurant owners, sommeliers, and specialty wine store shopkeepers.
Party potential: You could host tastings, meet your local and faraway counterparts in the world of wine, and even assist people as they choose a wine for a special occasion, such as a wedding or anniversary party.
Median Annual Pay: $51,900
What they do: A good PR specialist creates a link between the public and the client, getting the word out to the media about new products and ventures. If you are interested in promoting the brand of a business or individual, consider a career in PR.
Party potential: The best PR specialists have an extensive network of contacts, collected at various parties, openings, and networking events. Cultivate these relationships over time and see how they pay off for your client.
Median Annual Pay: $50,800
What they do: Weddings. Anniversary parties. Company retreats. Event coordinators are involved with some of the biggest moments of their clients’ lives. Highly organized, people in this field oversee every detail of an event, ensuring flawless execution of the client’s vision as Arturo Gallo from Montreal, Quebec, mentions below.
“Planning an event can be stressful, you need to cover all loose ends and have always a backup plan, as you want everything to run smoothly. Once you see the results and the joy people share when having fun in an event that is so important to them, everything is worthwhile. You get to try different dishes and taste amazing wine selections from caterers, but most important of all, it is also a great way to meet new people and expand your social network.”
Party potential: The party is built into this industry. From tasting the caterer’s menu to finding the perfect band, an event planner might get to enjoy every aspect of the party before it even happens.
Median Annual Pay: $48,300
What they do: Imagine having a dinner party in your home every single evening. Then imagine the guests are all strangers. Sounds fun? If you answered yes, you might be well-suited to a career as a restaurant manager. You would be responsible for both the administrative side of the business and the guest experience, typically ensuring few dull moments at work.
Darren Rose, restaurant manager and owner from Toronto, Ontario, states the following, “The most enjoyable aspects of being a Restaurant Manger is making friends with locals and socializing with your guests. Offering specials and suggesting wines is a great way to get to know your clientele. I believe you have to be a salesman, politician, coach, and a friend all rolled into one to be successful in this business.”
Party potential: When your restaurant is full and hopping on a Saturday evening, you could be in the thick of the action, chatting with your guests and helping them choose wine, dessert, and everything in between. Plus, you’ll need plenty of charm to keep your staff upbeat and focused on great service.
Median Annual Pay: $43,900
What they do: Chatting on the phone is a big part of this career. Inside sales reps cultivate relationships with their clients, keeping their business and selling them new products.  
Patricia Henriques, Monster’s own Inside Sales Consultant from Montreal, Quebec, knows the feeling firsthand. “I love my job and I have the pleasure to speak to potential and current clients of Monster and help them with their recruitment needs. The feeling that you get from helping a company reach their goals in terms of having the right candidates for their workplace is amazing. We also have little sales competition here at work that pumps the adrenalin and just makes work fun,” Patricia says.
Party potential: Though you’re working by yourself, you’re often on a team. Many inside sales reps,as Patricia states, participate in friendly competitions at work, to see who can sell the most or meet a specific quota in a period of time. Many sales teams also keep morale high with regular happy hour and other group outings.
Source: All salary data provided by online salary database Salaries listed are for workers with five to eight years of experience and include bonuses, profit sharing, tips, commissions and other forms of cash earnings. The median pay represents the national median, meaning half of workers in these jobs will earn more and half will earn less.

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