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Social Worker Resume Sample & Template

Social workers help a wide range of people deal with everyday problems. They work closely with clients to assess needs, understand support networks, and devise plans to help clients improve their lives. They may help clients manage major life changes like illness, disability, or unemployment. Clinical social workers can also diagnose some mental and behavioural issues, and they work with doctors to develop treatment plans.

Any excellent social worker resume should start with prior work experience, delve into accomplishments, mention education history, and list professional skills. Keep in mind that, when you're listing qualifications on your resume, you should spell out all acronyms the first time you use them. Though you might be tempted to save time and space, it's important to make sure any potential employer doesn't finish reading your resume with more questions than answers.

Common Mistakes for Social Worker Resumes

When you're compiling your social worker resume, avoid making one of the most common professional mistakes. Though some social workers focus on general practice, most specialize in one or more areas, whether it's patients of a particular age range or working with those who need help managing certain issues. If you have a specialty, make it clear by describing relevant skills or providing details with the appropriate work history. Taking the extra time to do this will help avoid creating a resume that appears unfocused.

Like most social workers, you've probably acquired a lengthy list of skills and competencies over the course of your professional work. Though you might want to include every possible skill on your resume, try to avoid simply listing skills without explanation. Instead of making that mistake, provide details about each relevant skill and discuss how it's improved or impacted your work.

Lastly, don't make the mistake of applying for a job you're nowhere near qualified for. Your social worker resume should make clear the level of your current position, along with your past accomplishments. If your resume indicates that you only meet one or two of the requirements for the new job, chances are slim that you'll be hired to fill the spot. While there's nothing wrong with aiming high and applying for a great new job, make sure it's a good fit for you first.


Social Worker Resume Sample


Katie Jones
123 First Avenue
Regina, SK
123-456-789 |

Work Experience
2013 - Present
Regina, SK
Manager of Care Coordination | Saskatchewan Health Care
  • Manage operations for over 500 patients, including implementing and evaluating treatment plans
  • Assist with patients' adjustments to lifestyle and health care situations
  • Lead team of 25 social workers and case managers by providing guidance and resolving problems
2010 - 2013
Moose Jaw, SK
Case Manager | Moose Jaw Treatment Centre
  • Managed cases for 325 patients with a wide variety of treatment needs
  • Consulted with patients' families, care networks, and community agencies to develop effective care plans
  • Worked with doctors' offices, local hospitals, and insurance companies to coordinate sustainable and affordable treatment
2007 - 2010
Regina, SK
Social Worker | Regina Community Agency
  • Implemented group programs that allowed mentally-handicapped patients aged 18 to 34 to develop vocational skills
  • Provided comprehensive service that resulted in 95 percent of patients remaining eligible for public housing
  • Developed a regular community agenda that encouraged patients to participate in local events
2005 - 2007
Regina, SK
University of Saskatchewan
Master of Social Work
Additional Skills & Interest
  • Expert knowledge of First Aid Treatment
  • Proficient in keeping electronic health records
  • Experienced in managing in-person and remote team members
  • Experienced in working with teenagers and adults with mental illnesses and substance abuse issues

Social Worker Positions to Consider

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