Software Developer Resume Sample & Template

Software developers create software applications that work with a variety of technology and computer systems. They put their creativity to work by understanding the needs of users and designing software programs around those demands. Software developers create diagrams and flowcharts to illustrate each component of the application, and they typically work closely with programmers, who then test and write the code. Software developers also undergo extensive troubleshooting, and they often test and fix bugs based on user feedback.

To convey your experience as a software developer, highlight your relevant work experience and provide details about applications you've developed. Since this position requires teamwork and excellent interpersonal communication, emphasize your ability to work on a team and produce application updates as necessary. Don't neglect to mention skills you've honed as a software developer, especially if you're fluent in any programming languages. Also list the various platforms you've developed applications for, since many companies specialize in a particular platform.

Common Mistakes for Software Developer Resumes

Writing a top-notch software developer resume isn't difficult, as long as you know what to highlight and what to leave out. Most candidates know that they should detail their best applications, but one of the most common mistakes developers make is failing to provide links to completed projects. Even if you're a great writer, many employers struggle to get a complete picture of your abilities without having the opportunity to see them in action. If it's possible to provide a link to your applications, don't leave out this key component.

To do their jobs well, software developers must be able to balance data and creativity. When composing a resume, however, some candidates make the mistake of skewing their experience one way or another. In order to catch the attention of a potential employer, do your best to quantify your accomplishments with data while still letting your creative side show through.

In the software development field, many professionals work on a contract basis to complete defined projects in a timely manner. Over time, working on numerous six-month or one-year contracts can make your resume look like a long string of confusingly short jobs. Don't make the mistake of confusing a potential employer; instead, make your employment history easy to understand by marking relevant jobs as contract positions.

Software Developer Resume Sample


Jon Smith
123 Main Parkway
Vancouver, BC
123-456-789 |

Work Experience
2013 - Present
Vancouver, BC
Senior Software Developer | Vancouver Tech Works
  • Design, code, and support software solutions that can easily be scaled depending on client needs
  • Pioneer API development for a growing number of web applications
  • Maintain product quality by carrying out reviews, performing continual tests, analyzing feedback, and managing software integration
2012 - 2013
Vancouver, BC
Software Developer | BC Development
  • Designed and built effective and attractive user interfaces for a variety of platforms
  • Participated in user requirements meetings in order to transform client needs into proposed application designs
  • Created test suites in order to assess product functionality and performance
2011 - 2012
Vancouver, BC
Junior Web Developer | 123 TECH
  • Wrote code to specification in order to build two public-facing web-based applications for a variety of clients
  • Developed application prototypes and participated in client meetings
  • Worked with a team of IT professionals to develop proprietary, secure, and web-accessible database
2007 - 2011
Vancouver, BC
University of British Columbia
B.S. Computer Science
Additional Skills & Interest
  • Proficient in C/C++, ASP.NET, HTML, Java, SQL Server
  • Expert knowledge of Agile methodology
  • Proficient with Microsoft stack development technologies
  • Expert knowledge of LINQ, Microsoft.NET, Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Extensive experience with continuous integration, problem-solving, and creative thinking

Software Development to Consider

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