Standing Out for Your Performance Review

Standing Out for Your Performance Review

Stand our for your performance review

By Cheryl Stein
Monster Personal Coach
My husband has a funny habit of slamming on the brakes whenever he sees a police car on the highway. He truly believes that it is worth the shot to slow down even if it seems hopeless. We will ignore the fact that my husband has gotten more speeding tickets than I can count since we are together and focus on the fact that there have been times when he has been driving way too fast, slowed down suddenly when he saw a radar gun and didn’t get a ticket. It’s called making a last minute impression. Just like it is possible that police officers are looking down or distracted when people speed by it is possible to get noticed at just the right time in your place of work.

Whatever you have been doing since your last performance review, the month before your next one is your chance to change people’s perceptions or at least to give some good impressions before you get judged. While it may seem too late to really make any sort of lasting dent in the way people perceive you at work, here are some tips to at least attempt to tip the scales in your favor.
Play Dress Up - Look Your Best at Work
You may have been letting your appearance slip for the last little while. Now is the time to make yourself look the part of the perfect professional. Make sure your hair is cut and styled neatly. Wear your best work clothes. Wear a suit. Get your clothes dry-cleaned and come to work looking perfectly pressed. Get your shoes shined. Get new shoes. Get the idea? Look the part and you will be looked at as a person who is playing the part right.

Come Early, Leave Late
Whatever your hours may have been, now is the time to get to work early and leave later than you normally would. Make it look like you are working hard. Make it look like you are devoted to your company and your job. Make it look like you want to be there.
Go the Extra Mile
Now is the time to volunteer for assignments that will make you look like a hard worker. Instead of letting other people in the office be the ones to step up to the plate, now is the time to step up yourself. Be conscious of the opportunities that you can take to make yourself look good and take those opportunities. Be helpful, be friendly, and be nice. It may take a lot of effort but we are really only talking about a month of your life.
Know Your Stuff
Always keep a running list of the things that you are adding to the company. Read it over and add to it every month. When you are asked about your contributions to the organization, they will be on the tip of your tongue. The added bonus is that if you are sacked, you have half your resume already written.
Swallow Your Pride
It is great to have standards and not want to seem like you are trying too hard. It is also great to want to be accepted for who you are. Nobody wants to be known as the office suck up but why should everyone else get ahead and not you? Now is the time to put your humility aside and do what it takes to get noticed.
If a month seems like too great a commitment, I suggest taking the time to figure out how much time you can devote to being as perfect as you can be. Your limit might be two weeks, or it might be two days. Whatever that limit is, make sure to think ahead about the little things that you can change that will make a big difference in your review.

Who knows, you just might end up being able to be that way all the time. No slamming on the brakes, no praying for a miracle, just driving the speed limit all the way.