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Teacher Cover Letter

Teacher Cover Letter

This example of a teacher cover letter was written by Martin Buckland, Resume Expert for

Jill Buckingham, M.Ed.
2205 Wiarton Way, Mississauga, Ontario L5L 3Z9
Phone: 905.668.9999 Cell: 416.668.9999
E mail:

January 18, 201X

Human Resources Manager
Pilgram School Board
123 Main Street
Pilgram, Ontario L0L 2B4
Dear Sir or Madam:
It is with immediate interest that I contact you regarding the Elementary Teacher position as advertised on I note with interest that you are seeking a teaching professional who encourages academic excellence, initiates self-confidence and independent thinking across the student population. Count me in! I am the perfect candidate!
While secure in my current appointment as a Special Education Teacher at Acorn College in Mississauga, Ontario, I am actively seeking to relocate to Pilgram, a town where I believe I can make a notable teaching contribution.
During my two distinct teaching assignments with Acorn College, I have enjoyed teaching elementary and special education students. I am skilled at developing and implementing stimulating lesson plans, administering and evaluating the Ontario Curriculum Exams and conducting parent-teacher meetings. Please note that early in my career I was a Curriculum Writer for the Ontario Ministry of Education, a major component of this curriculum exists today.
I am a team player who develops and maintains a strong rapport with students, parents and faculty. I am renowned by my peers for developing unique and memorable lesson plans.
My educational background includes a Master of Education in Elementary Teaching and includes a Certification in Special Needs Education.
My attached resume provides you with a synopsis of my career. I can bring value-add to the Pilgram School Board with my proven ability to help students achieve high academic levels through positive motivation.
I believe it will be mutually beneficial for us to meet and discuss this intriguing Elementary Teacher position. After our interview, I am sure you will agree that I possess the knowledge, skills, dedication and caring attitude to successfully fulfill the advertised mandate.
Jill Buckingham

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