Teacher Sample Resume

Teacher Sample Resume

This teacher resume sample was written by Martin Buckland, Resume Expert for Monster.ca

Jill Buckingham, M.Ed.

2205 Wiarton Way, Mississauga, Ontario L5L 3Z9
Phone: 905.668.9999 Cell: 416.668.9999
E mail: jbuckingham@myisp.com


“A dedicated educator who makes learning fun”

Dynamic and respected teaching professional with an exemplary record of conceiving and delivering strong interactive lesson plans customized to a student’s individual requirements in the private and public school systems across North America. Maintains an excellent ability to establish and develop productive rapport with children and parents. Inspirational mentor and motivator, reliable, respected for setting and maintaining high standards and instilling confidence in students to succeed. Strives to build self-esteem, encourages an understanding of cultural diversity and limitations. Creates a cooperative classroom community. Solutions oriented, skilled in adapting to diverse learning styles.

Solid track record of success and demonstrates expertise in the following areas:

Academic Leadership Curriculum  development Mentoring
Special Needs teaching Community Partnership/ Outreach Achievement testing
Scheduling & Planning Counselling Training and Development




Professional Experience

Acorn College, Mississauga, Ontario                                                                         1992 – present

Held the following 2 teaching positions:

SPECIAL EDUCATION TEACHER – T.E.A.M. School                                                  2001 – present
  • Acknowledged by parents and peers for an outstanding ability to instill motivation in students in all subjects, with particular emphasis on writing techniques.
  • Instrumental in preparing Grade 6 students for fast tracking, preparing for the Acorn College entrance examinations, working judiciously to optimize their learning.
  • Accredited by the Principal for exemplary work in inspiring students with various physical and mental challenges towards their peak capabilities.
  • Played the key role in conceiving and implementing a comprehensive writing program encompassing poetry and essay compositions submitted for the 2007 “Commonwealth Essay Writing and Poetry” competition, resulting in two students winning the award.
  • Maintain a stimulating and nurturing classroom setting for eight Grade 5 – 7 students requiring individual attention in creative writing, grammar, science and mathematics.
  • Structure curriculum to parallel the Ontario Ministry of Education public school program with relevance to the student goals, and expectations.
  • Interact with other clinical care and support professionals including psychologists, speech pathologists and occupational therapists to further advance class methodology.
  • Review students’ psychological reports, take recommendations and implement into curriculum.
  • Provide parents with bi-weekly progress updates, report issues and share successes.
  • Direct the “after-school” program in partnership with peers on a rotational basis.
  • Coordinate and supervise various club and extra curricular sports programs.
  • Co-conceived and facilitated the school auditions and subsequent talent show, allowing students to perform for their peers.
Acorn College……continued
TEACHER – Language Arts, History and Math     1992 – 2001
  • Planned, created and delivered innovative lesson plans to Grade 8 students.
  • Encouraged parental involvement in their children’s education and school activities.
  • Recognized for smoothly and swiftly adapting from a public school environment to a privately owned institution.
Toronto Catholic (formerly Metro Separate) School Board, Toronto, Ontario     1987 – 1991
TEACHER – English and Social Sciences
  • Assigned to teach Grade 9 to 13 at 2 schools, each with a diverse demographic.
  • Gained a thorough knowledge of teaching styles and customized the Ontario High School Curriculum based on individual student learning capabilities.
Yorkshire Private Academy, Burlington, Ontario     1986 – 1987
  • Instructed Grades 2-3 children, developed and delivered age appropriate curriculum.
  • Played a critical role in developing the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum.
Ontario Ministry of Education, Toronto, Ontario      1984 – 1985
-Devised and assisted in writing the Ontario Elementary School curriculum prior to a legislative order.
Peel Region School Board, Mississauga, Ontario      1982 – 1983
  • Instrumental in establishing breakthrough educational programs for children with disabilities in Grades 1-5, based on the British education system.
Durham School Board, Ajax, Ontario                            1981 – 1982
  • Implemented remedial classes and assessment of individual requirements for Grades 1-8.


University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario
MASTER OF EDUCATION – Elementary Teaching  2008
CERTIFICATE – Special Needs Education  2000
BACHELOR OF EDUCATION – Intermediate / Senior:   English and History  1981
St. Jerome’s College, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario  1980
HONOURS, BACHELOR OF ARTS – English and History

Ontario College of Teachers  1981 – present
Canadian Federation of University Women  1980 – present