Top 10 Summer Jobs

Top 10 Summer Jobs

Great summer jobs

By Joe Issid
Monster Contributing Writer



In Canada, a ski-hill operator’s nightmare can be a landscaper’s paradise. In a country with such sharply defined seasons, entire industries sink or swim with every drop of snow or speck of sunshine. As such, employment opportunities are consistently shifting throughout the course of any given year. With the summer months upon us, here is a list of some seasonal employment suggestions that can help line your pockets with extra spending money or get you jump-started on a new career.


Be it as a junior paver or an intern engineer, this industry awakens as soon as the ground thaws. In recent years, there has been a scarcity of skilled construction workers suggesting that this could be a viable long-term profession.


Two-income households are much more common in today’s Canadian society. As such, during the summer months, parents are under increasing strain to find suitable and affordable childcare solutions. As demand for professional childcare services increase during the summer months, so do employment opportunities at daycares, day camps and longer-term summer camps.


Rest assured that this is not restricted to mowing your neighbour’s lawn for an extra couple of bucks. Landscaping is an extremely competitive industry that employs scores of young, seasonal employees looking to gain experience in conservation, agriculture, recycling and ecology. There is plenty of opportunity available at both the residential and commercial (think universities, office complexes, city parks, golf clubs etc) level.


True, it is possible that an internship will not pay you for your time. However, landing an internship in an industry that you would like to be involved in long-term can be more valuable to your career prospects than the cash you may earn elsewhere. Even if you are recent graduate, internships are a proven method of being able to get your foot in the door. Do not be too proud to work for free if there is the possibility of a reward at the end of the line. Relevant work experience is the most valuable entity on your resume. Years from now, you will glad that you have it (regardless of how little you may have earned).


Think of a seasonal industry and you will likely be able to locate a company within that sector in need of a sales associate to help boost summer memberships. Some examples: water parks, golf clubs, boat rentals, pool maintenance. The list is endless. Often, perks can some in the form of free or reduced-price access, which can increase the value of such a job.


If you live in a big city, the hospitality industry will be preparing for its busiest time of the year. With major festivals and events rolling into many Canadian cities almost weekly during the summer months, nearly all hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, venues, theatres and the like will be searching for eager and motivated people to fill their respective staffs.


The Canadian government has many programs in place to assist and place students in sponsored work experience programs.


Historically, the retail industry in Canada has been a very large employer of students and recent graduates. With extended store hours and increased summer inventories, schedules need to be filled with willing applicants. With little experience necessary, this is a very popular option for many students.

Overseas teaching

Teaching English or French overseas has long been a popular choice for young Canadians. The financial benefits can be alluring as can the opportunity to explore a new culture. If a teaching career is in the works for you, this can be an excellent opportunity to get some real life classroom work under your belt. If not, a summer away from home can provide you with invaluable life skills that may not be afforded locally. Of course, be sure to thoroughly research your host country and any organisation that may be sponsoring you.

Starting a business

For those with an entrepreneurial bent, the summer months can prove to be a very good time to launch a new business. Whether it is a local car washing service or an IT consulting venture, starting your own business on your own free time can be an invaluable experience in your continuing education or the kick-start to a new, self-employed adventure.