University Student Resume Sample & Template

University students typically seek either jobs that will help them start their career or flexible part-time jobs that will allow them to support themselves through university. Most career-focused jobs for university students are entry-level or internship positions, and they often offer candidates an opportunity to provide mentorship in their chosen field. Most flexible jobs for university students are temporary or part-time positions that involve basic office or file management.

An eye-catching university student resume should cover the highlights of your work, and your volunteer and internship experience. It should also describe any major accomplishments you have achieved or goals you have met and detail relevant skills you've learned over the course of your employment history.

Common Mistakes for University Student Resumes

When you're applying for university student jobs, watch out for some mistakes that candidates frequently make. First, don't feel as though you have to reuse the same resume for each job application. Most university students apply for a variety of positions that require different skill sets. To emphasize and show off your skills, tweak your resume slightly to tailor it for each job description. Making small changes doesn't mean you have to completely rewrite your resume for each application, though. Just make sure the most relevant accomplishments and skills appear at the beginning of each position description.

Next, don't hesitate to cull some of your prior job experience from your resume. If your work experience is somewhat limited, you might be tempted to list every job you've ever had. Instead, resist that temptation and include either relevant jobs or volunteer positions in which you've had the opportunity to develop applicable skills. Keep in mind that, if most of your prior jobs don't apply to the one you're currently applying for, a long list of employment history could do more harm than good.

University Student Resume Sample


Brittany Simpson
123 Main Road
Edmonton, AB
123-456-789 |

Work Experience
2014 - Present
Edmonton, AB
Office Assistant | Edmonton University
  • Assist an average of 25 visitors per day regarding university housing and meal policies
  • Supervise three office interns and guide them in filing and data entry projects
  • Provide editing, copying, and typing services for ten departmental staff members
2013 - 2014
Edmonton, AB
Accounting Intern | Smith Financial
  • Assisted with month-end financial reports and distributed completed documents to appropriate staff members
  • Reconciled balance sheets, accounts receivable statements, and accounts payable statements for 15 independent accounts
  • Oversaw monthly inventory of 200 pieces of office technology and equipment
2012 - 2013
Dartmouth, NS
University Volunteer | Nova Scotia Health Care
  • Assisted with developing an effective volunteer plan to ensure comprehensive coverage at all times of day
  • Monitored patient flow in waiting room, operating room, and emergency room
  • Made patient rounds and visited with about 35 patients each day in order to assess needs and status
2012 - Present
Halifax, NS
Dalhousie University
Major in International Development
Additional Skills & Interest
  • Extensive experience with customer service and interpersonal communication
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office programs, including Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint
  • Strong sense of ethics and personal drive

University Student Positions to Consider

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