Use a "Transitional" Business Card

Use a "Transitional" Business Card

By the Monster Career Coach



As a job seeker you need to present a professional image at all times. This includes the business card that you hand people when you are out networking and interviewing.



If you are currently in transition (that is, between employment) you will need a card that quickly and simply tells people who you are. It need not be fancy or complicated. In fact, the less cluttered the better. Your local printer or business supply store should be able to assist you here.

Just The Facts Please

Your business card serves as a reminder to people of your identity and should indicate generally the type of job or role that you are seeking. Thus it ought to contain your name and a “professional identifier,” such as Marketing Management or Construction Materials Specialist.

Note that you may instead list an actual job title that you are seeking, such as Marketing Manager or Construction Materials Purchasing Coordinator. However this may unnecessarily limit your scope and encourage the recipient of your card to think of you only for that specific position.

Another option is to add your degree or certifications next to your name, if you believe that this will enhance the impact of your card. If you do so, try to be consistent with the information you have set out at the top of your resume so as not to be confusing.

Some people like to insert an eye-catching graphic or use multiple colours, hoping to stand out. The risk of doing so is the overall effect that gets conveyed: someone who glances at your card quickly might infer that you are self-employed or are working for another employer, when in fact you are not.

Make Contacting You Easy

These days it is tempting to cite every possible way for someone to find you. Multiple phone numbers (home and cell), fax, e-mail, website, Skype, MSN Messenger, pager, IRC…when in fact all you really need to include is a phone number and e-mail address that you check regularly for messages, plus the city/province that you live in. It is no longer even necessary to state your full mailing address, unless you are expecting to hear from someone by regular mail or courier. This is particularly true for people who value their privacy.

So long your contacts, and potential employers, know how to reach you when they most need to find you, your transitional business card will have accomplished its primary purpose.