Volunteer Resume Sample & Template

Volunteer opportunities can be very competitive and require proven experience of your skills. Volunteering provides members of the local community with a way to give back, and it can open doors to employment opportunities for those who seek to work for non-profit or other organizations that rely heavily on volunteers.

In order to make your resume stand out among those of other volunteer candidates, you should include plenty of detail about responsibilities and tasks you performed in past volunteer roles. You can also talk about your availability and skills gained while volunteering with other organizations that make you an excellent candidate. If you are looking for volunteer jobs within a specific industry, such as animal welfare or health care, you might want to mention reasons why you are passionate about working in these sectors, as this could help the volunteer coordinator choose you over someone who doesn't have the same passions.

Common Mistakes for Volunteer Resumes

One common mistake that volunteers often make on their resumes is going into too much detail about a short opportunity that doesn't need quite as much explanation. For example, if you participated in a one-day volunteering event, mention it briefly and focus more on the volunteering or work experience you had over longer periods of time. Also steer clear of using an immature or inappropriate email address, as this can make you seem young or unready to handle the responsibilities of volunteering. Stick to a simple and clear email address that is based upon some variation of your name. Also keep your resume up-to-date, and avoid showing that there have been long periods of time where you didn't do any work or volunteering. If you haven't been able to get out into the community lately, look for ways you can help out to stay current.

Volunteer Resume Sample


Maxine Jacobs
24th avenue
Toronto, ON
123-456-789 | maxinejacobs@mail.com

Work Experience
2008 - 2012
Toronto, ON
Part-Time Volunteer | St. Mary's Hospital
  • Greeted patients and visitors upon arrival to facility
  • Directed all visitors to various locations within the hospital
  • Stocked nursery and children's ward with supplies
2010 - 2012
Toronto, ON
Peer Counseling Volunteer | Deer Park High School
  • Worked with students in junior and senior high school with various personal issues
  • Maintained strict confidentiality for all students who came for peer counseling services
  • Discussed coping strategies and tips for overcoming hard times with students
2010 - 2011
Toronto, ON
Pet Care Volunteer | Toronto Animal Shelter
  • Assisted with all tasks related to animal care: walking, grooming, feeding/watering, socializing, and general care
  • Transported cats and dogs for grooming, training, and veterinary care
  • Took animal photographs for website and other marketing materials to improve adoption
2012 - Present
Toronto, ON
University of Toronto
Bachelor's Early Childhood Education
Additional Skills & Interest
  • Proficient in Excel and Word
  • Experience working with stray animals
  • Experience with HTML, CSS, and Photoshop
  • Excel at volunteering in both independent and team-based environments
  • Comfortable working with people of all ages, economic statuses, races, cultures, and with various needs

Volunteer Positions to Consider

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