9 Ways You're Being Annoying At Work

9 Ways You're Being Annoying At Work

Are you annoying someone right now?

By Amanda Frank
Monster Contributing Writer

You don’t read your emails, or you skim through them at best. Your colleagues don’t go through the trouble of crafting carefully worded emails for their health. They need to cover their butts with a permanent record that certain information has been duly communicated, particularly if the recipient i.e. YOU repeatedly fails to assimilate the information. You’re part of a team, in theory. Your colleagues are forced to run after you to make sure you understand what’s needed of you. Nobody wants to play bad cop project manager. You’re only adding to other people’s workloads. A good hint that you’re a culprit of this annoying behavior is being sent a read receipt request.

You don’t respond to emails, either at all or within a reasonable delay. Not only is this bad habit extremely annoying, it is also immensely discourteous.

The most successful people I know make it their business to return every phone call and respond to every email in a timely manner. Some even go so far as to absolutely need to have the last word email. Certainly the reverse is true. If you ignore people, either your colleagues, outside salespeople or, heaven forbid, your clients, you can expect they’re going behind your back and complaining to your manager or possibly even the CEO.

You are always asking for favors. “Hey Cathy, nice hair. Can you please put a rush on this? It was due yesterday. Thanks you’re the best!” Bureaucratic process was invented for a reason.  It’s a dirty word for organizational planning and lots of employees rely on it to work effectively. They’re even comforted by it. If tech support has three days from the date it issues an e-ticket to fix a problem, everyone can plan around the timeline of that process. The more mammoth the organization the more it tends to be process dependent. Sometimes we’re expected to rush and take one for the team but it shouldn’t be a consistent thing. Plan accordingly.

You’re a backstabbing gossip that trash-talks your colleagues behind their backs. Your mean spirited behavior is little more than a childish attempt to undermine the colleagues you fear shine brighter than you, and most likely the ones competing with you for promotion. Your malicious behavior will irritate everyone and cast a dark shadow on your career, pigeonholing you as the definitive difficult person at work. If you’re really that insecure get some therapy.

You’re an opportunistic kiss-up. You laugh with too much gusto at your boss’ bad jokes. You barely have the time of day for anyone who can’t influence your upward career trajectory. Your brown nosing is seen by all as a blatant and desperate attempt to get ahead. If you must be a kiss up, find a way to have some integrity. Be strategic about it.

You’re a one-upper interrupter. You incessantly cut people off mid-sentence, whether it’s to infer some way that you did something better, contribute your thoughts at inappropriate moments, or underhandedly try to take credit for an idea. This kind of behavior is so annoying SNL spoofed it into a character. Don’t be a Penelope. Learn to wait your turn and share the limelight.

You’re on Facebook at work. Nothing says, “In your face chump, I’m not working,” quite like Facebook. It’s a real productivity killer. I’d rather let them see me cry or sweat than catch me on Facebook. If you really must get your fix, hide in the bathroom and do it on your mobile browser. Remember, do not to write on anybody’s wall, it’s time stamped and it’s public record.

You’re a ‘Yes’ person. You never say no, but you take on more than you can handle. At first your people-pleasing tactics might seem like a godsend to the person that delegates your work. After a few disappointments the jig is up. You’re full of hot air with poor time management skills. Before you commit, explain that you need to assess your current workload and figure out how much time you need to allot to the new task. It’s better to under promise and over deliver.

You slurp your coffee, loudly.  You sit in an open space office and you take loud annoying sloppy slurps from your coffee mug every 30 seconds. Dude, it’s like long nails on a chalkboard. You annoy every single colleague around you but nobody has the gumption to tell you to knock it off. Let that person be me. I have plenty’o gumption. Dear Coffee Slurper, please stop taking long drawn out loud sips of coffee. If it’s too hot to drink at the moment (hence the need to slurp) just wait a bit. Thank you for considering not being so annoying.