Web Developer Resume Sample & Template

Web developers serve an important function by making sure that websites work properly and flow smoothly for users on all devices. Since the increase in mobile device usage in recent years, web developers must create websites that work well on cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices without data getting stuck or becoming difficult to read on the smaller screens. Web developer jobs are growing quickly throughout the country, so it is an industry where candidates can find many opportunities. Those who are looking to work in this technology field should take classes at a university level to learn more about different types of code, operating systems, software, and databases. Your resume should include a list of your strengths and skills in terms of web development, along with any special tasks you have completed in past projects. You can also include samples and links to websites you have developed for other companies in order to showcase your skills.

Common Mistakes for Web Developer Resumes

In the tech world, effective resumes are an important tool to help web developers enter the pool of candidates to be considered for open positions. However, even a good resume can't overcome poor skills, so be sure you understand the various terms thrown around in web development before you start applying. Practice developing websites for friends and family members, or volunteer your time to smaller companies in your area to strengthen your portfolio.

Avoid trying to make your resume look too fancy with various colours and fonts, since this might not translate well to other devices that the hiring manager or human resources professional might be using to view the document. Keep your resume simple and easy to read, but make sure to highlight your skills and knowledge base so that you will be considered a qualified candidate and avoid getting filtered out through the human resources system. You might increase your chances of getting an interview if you include keywords that are commonly used within the web development industry.

Web Developer Resume Sample


Ellen Martin
West Albert Road
Toronto, ON
123-456-789 | ellenmartin@mail.com

Work Experience
2011 - Present
Toronto, ON
Web Developer | Web Design Co.
  • Discuss options with clients to make sure websites meet their needs as well as the needs of their customers
  • Develop websites for variety of companies while maintaining consistent feel and brand awareness
  • Provide technical support to high-level users
2008 - 2011
Toronto, ON
Assistant Web Developer | SEO Providers Canada
  • Provided direct assistance to head web developer
  • Managed websites and design/creation for clients around the country
  • Performed weekly assessments of all websites and software to look for potential problems or crashes
2011 - 2011
Toronto, ON
Freelance Web Designer | Freelance
  • Wrote external and internal design specs for clients
  • Maintained and updated customer websites as needed
  • Participated in weekly mentoring sessions with web developers within the organization
2007 - 2011
Regina, SK
University of Regina
B.S. Web Application Development
Additional Skills & Interest
  • Strong skills in JavaScript/jQuery, PHP, CSS, XHTML, HTML, and XML
  • Knowledge of social media strategy and integration with websites
  • Understanding of international protocols and web standards

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