Welder Resume Sample & Template

Welders use high levels of heat to melt and fuse metal pieces together. Welding creates a very strong bond between the two pieces, so this process is used frequently in construction and repairs of buildings, bridges, aircrafts, automobiles, and other structures and products made of metal. There are several types of welding processes that welders can learn, including oxy-fuel welding or arc welding.

Candidates who are looking for welding jobs should include any specific training or experience they have received during their work history. Some welding jobs will only be available to those with experience in a specific process of welding, so welders may want to learn to perform all of the types to open up additional opportunities. In some areas, welders are also required to hold current certifications, which may require routine recertification and skill maintenance. Welders should also be aware of all safety requirements and follow them to reduce the risk of injury in this potentially dangerous line of work. Some welding jobs will require completion of an apprenticeship, but others are available to those who have simply completed their education in welding.

Common Mistakes for Welder Resumes

One common mistake that is found on many welder resumes is a grammatical mistake or typo. Either of these errors can make a hiring manager toss your resume out without looking closely at your work experience or education, so be sure to read through it multiple times and even ask someone else to read through it. If you're applying to several jobs, make sure that your resume qualifications match each position before you submit your application instead of submitting a form resume to all jobs you seek. This helps hiring managers see that you are genuinely interested in the position open with their organization instead of giving the impression that you will take any job that is available.

Be sure to discuss accomplishments you have achieved at past jobs since they show what you will bring to a new position. Don't forget to include any certifications you hold or training you have received in the welding industry. If you have completed an apprenticeship, you might want to include the certified welder under whom you worked as a reference so that a future potential employer can discuss your skills and training with him or her.

Welder Resume Sample


Marcus Peterson
Acacia Avenue
Toronto, ON
123-456-789 | marcuspeterson@mail.com

Work Experience
2008 - Present
Toronto, ON
Welder | Tamber Metal Works
  • Lay out, fit, and fabricate all metal components
  • Ensure quality work through extensive knowledge of metallurgy, welding techniques, and engineering requirements
  • Work alongside engineers for safety of large structures and bridges
2004 - 2008
Toronto, ON
Apprentice Welder | Johnson Pipefitters
  • Worked alongside a certified welder to learn various styles of welding
  • Followed all safety protocols and guidelines for safe handling of heating equipment and metals
  • Cut materials precisely with chipping knives, power saws, and hand shears
2002 - 2004
Toronto, ON
New City Welding School
Professional Welding Program
Additional Skills & Interest
  • Strong ability to read and interpret engineering drawings and blueprints
  • Extensive knowledge of various welding techniques, including TIG welding, oxy-fuel welding, and arc welding
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Skilled in both mechanical and manual welding practices

Welder Positions to Consider

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