How to Find Out Salary From a Potential Employer

Figuring Out The Salary Range When It Isn’t Stated

How to Find Out Salary From a Potential Employer


By the Monster Career Coach


We all want to know what compensation to expect when we’re hunting for a job. Unfortunately not all employers state their salary range in the positions they advertise to the public. Nor do some tell you upfront before you come in for the interview.

Your time is valuable and you don’t want to squander it going to interviews that aren’t in your pay bracket. If the position pays too much, you’re likely to be viewed as underqualified. The opposite is true for jobs that pay a lot less than you’ve been used to earning.

Salary Information Online

To reduce the risk of pricing yourself out of a job by not knowing what the appropriate salary range is, you can click your way to some useful initial information. Canada’s federal government has an excellent free resource at its Labour Market Information site.

There you can search by province, city/region and job type. Using the National Occupation Codes that they provide, you can drill down to the occupation that most closely matches what it is you do for a living.
The salary ranges that this site provides are a good starting point. However they may not be fully up to date, and the occupation codes might not cover your specific job.

Salary Information Offline

Of course, there’s no substitute for hearing about current salary ranges from people in the know. Like recruiters and placement agencies, for example. The ones that specialize in your field should be able to give you the latest scoop on what employers in your locality are paying people who have the kinds of skills and background you possess.

You can also get hold of this info if you have networking contacts who work at the kind of organizations you’re hoping to find a job with.

Knowledge Is Power

Want to be prepared to negotiate your job offers and be in the right range when applying for posted positions? Then find out in advance what employers are actually paying. It will assist you in pursuing the right opportunities. And employers will appreciate that you aren’t wasting their time. Isn’t that the kind of edge you could use?