YouTube Tips for Job Seekers

YouTube Tips for Job Seekers


By Mark Swartz

Monster Contributing Writer

You try to stand out in a competitive job market. Everyone’s got their social media mix going: detailed profiles, Tweets, Instagram photos and more.

Still, there’s something missing. Many people shy away from YouTube as a job-seeking tool. They associate the site with cat videos, comedy channels, and trailers for new movies. All of which is true.

Yet there are sides to YouTube that job applicants, especially millennials, shouldn’t ignore. You can do research or differentiate yourself here in ways that can’t be done on non-video sites.


Find Job Search and Career Advice Videos

YouTube can be used purely as a resource when job seeking. There are all sorts of videos aimed at people looking for employment.

Popular among these is advice on each aspect of job hunting. Job interview tips (including virtual interviews) and how to land a job are prominent in search results. You can also find stories from people who’ve secured positions. Details of what worked – and what didn’t – are discussed openly.

View the YouTube pages for and for some interesting takes on the quest for employment.


Research Employers

Ever wondered what it’s like to work at a particular place? Lots of companies post videos of their employees talking about what they do, while giving a sense of the workplace culture. Employer research is thus another reason to use YouTube.

Employers also post customer testimonials, plus news about product launches and other important developments. They may promote the benefits of working there too.

Investigate videos about employers from other sources as well. There have been cases of disgruntled ex-employees dishing their thoughts on why they left.


Create a Video Resume

Beyond searching for existing videos, you can produce your own. One form of self-promotion is to create a visual resume.

Fair warning: this is not a common practice, and it certainly isn’t for everyone. On the plus side, you can display your personality when highlighting key accomplishments. Except employers are often too busy to view your masterpiece. And production values count. If your finished edit looks unprofessional, so will you. Better to leave this option unexercised for now, unless the job requires emotive traits or you want to demonstrate your production skills.


Build Your Professional Brand

This is where YouTube is notable for job seekers. It aids you in presenting yourself as a serious candidate, if you can convey your knowledge and passion for the position.

You do this in combination with your postings on other social media pages. For YouTube, set up a Channel as a job seeker. You’ll need a separate Google account for this if you already have one.

Then produce a few brief videos that show you explaining aspects of your studies and familiarity with your chosen occupation and industry. It needn’t be earth shattering stuff. The idea is to demonstrate that you’ve been doing career homework.

Augment this by curating some interesting, relevant content. Link to videos by experts in your field. Comment on why they’re important, or about the impression they’ve made on you. Through this an employer can see your involvement and enthusiasm.

Be sure to include your YouTube channel URL on resumes, cover letters, and your other social media sites.


Show Off Your Technical Skills

People in creative and technology fields leverage YouTube especially well. Consider joining the club if you’re seeking work in any of the following fields: technology, marketing, advertising, public relations, web promotions, design, film or video production.

Make use of the site’s built in production tools. Add special effects, insert links, put in a soundtrack. This proves you know how to do the things your dream job requires.


Earn Money from Youtube Fame

Employment isn’t always in the form of a job. Just ask YouTube celebrities who generate income from their video renown.

Alright, not everyone can be the next Justin Bieber. But even if you don’t have exceptional talent, creating a niche for yourself is possible. There’s “Girl With No Job,” who turned mock makeup videos (fakeup tutorials) into 1 million Instagram followers. Experts of every stripe have struck gold by using YouTube as part of their online marketing strategy.


Video Tips

Sound. Visuals. Action. Tone. The combination of these is what makes sites like YouTube unique.

Make it more engaging for viewers by doing the following:

  • Keep videos to a max of one or two minutes
  • Use HD settings and make sure the lighting shows you well
  • Shoot as many takes as necessary; edit ruthlessly using Youtube’s built-in tools
  • Let your true personality show through so employers get what they see
  • Dress professionally (or at least wear decent clothes and get groomed)

Video stardom may not be in the stars for you, though your personal brand may twinkle in the eyes of potential employers.