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Stop doing these 10 counterproductive things at work

By now, you’ve likely got a list of New Year goals you hope to accomplish in 2019. More networking! More exercise! More wins! But in all that goal-setting, have you taken a moment to think about all the bad habits you should stop doing, or at least do less? If you want to be happier and more respected at work this year, you’d be well off to eliminate some pesky, all-too-common counterproductive behaviours. We’re talking about the bad work habits that not only hinder your professional success but also make you just plain miserable at your job.

Reasons To Work For A Less Prestigious Employer

Simple to see why working somewhere prestigious has cachet. Personal reputations soar. Future interviewers will fawn over these applicants, arm wrestling to hire them.   There are good reasons to target places that aren’t higher tier. While these companies may not be household names or be industry leaders in the minds of most people, they may, however, provide a better overall fit.

When Perseverance Becomes A Problem

“…we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.” Winston Churchill, former Prime Minister of Britain during WWII   The Brits unequivocally showed grit in 1940 as World War Two raged. Churchill famously swore to defend Britain from enemy hoards by fighting unrelentingly.

Graduating Into A Field That You’ve Turned Your Back On

It seemed like a hella good idea at the time. Dive deep into a specialty area of study. Get educated to score a specific kind of job. Then lap up the rewards of being narrowly-trained (and oh so hirable).   Except along the way something fractured. Initial excitement vanished. Doubts spread like cracks in shattering glass. By graduation, you make a hard decision: this particular career isn't for you.

The Art (And Necessity) Of Delegating As A Manager

If you want something done right, do it yourself! If that’s your motto, then you’re probably a crappy manager and acting like a control freak and seldom trusting staff to handle sensitive assignments.   An excellent way to make them feel stifled. And resentful. Also, a superb path to burning yourself out pronto. What to do instead?

Surprising ways to network in places you wouldn’t usually think of networking

Think about networking, and you probably think of stuffy events and conferences where your peers play a game of “who can run out of business cards first.” If reading that sentence made your stomach churn, you’re not alone. “I don’t even like the word networking—I think it’s icky and manipulative,” says Judy Robinett, author of How to be a Power Connector.

5 signs you’re a work martyr

If you’re feeling consumed by your job but refuse to loosen your grip on your duties, take a moment to ask yourself why. If your answer has less to do a need for accomplishments and more to do with fear of being seen as disposable, there’s a chance you’re a work martyr.

Resume writing tips for mid-career professionals

If you’ve been in the workforce for a good number of years, chances are your resume could use a makeover. “The resume format you were given at college no longer works for you,” says Amanda Augustine, career advice expert for TopResume. “And once you get 10 years in, you can’t just keep tacking things on to it.”

Fending Off Panic During A Long Job Search

A job search that grinds on longer than expected (maybe much longer) can cause justified jitters. Hardest hit are the ego and bank account. As each one drains, it’s no wonder people get spooked. Fears of skills going stale and losing credibility mount. Keeping references upbeat gets harder. Desperation’s scent may seep from frantic pores.