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Ready to do something more with your pandemic summer than just being stuck at home? Join the
team! We're a group of student painters that's always striving for excellence... while having a really great time
doing it. Our compensation structures are designed to reward those who work harder, so this is the perfect
spot if you're a student looking to make BANK this summer. Your primarily role is to help produce painting
projects with the rest of the team. Apply now for more information!


Our goal this year is to increase our revenue 3x, from $120K annually to $360K annually, and that means
actually painting over 200 clients’ homes. How are we going to achieve this? With your help! You’ll be a part
of the front-end team responsible for bringing dreams to life by producing projects. You’ll be responsible for
painting, caulking, staining, and a bunch of other stuff, and if you have no idea what any of that means, it’s
okay; we;ll be training you! You’ll have a team backing you and helping you plan so you won’t be on your
own. This role has limited exposure to clients and we have made it as COVID-19 friendly as possible.


Pretty much, this job is asking of you:

  • 35-40 hours, weekly
  • From May until late August/early September
  • This is potentially flexible, as we get it; life happens
    • For example, if you know in the summer you’re going to be gone one week for the cottage, let us know we’ll work you around it.
  • The role can be tailored to support less or more weekly hours, case-by-case
  • Access to a phone
  • Optional, access to a computer
  • Ongoing or completed high school
  • Exceptions can be for outstanding candidates
  • Willingness to meet clients at homes in Scarborough, Pickering and Ajax
  • Within COVID-19 Guidelines
  • Moderate level of English speaking capacity
  • Physical capacity
  • Endurance to labour for 7-9 hour days
  • Strength to lift at least 20 pounds
  • Passing the screening application


Tasks will often vary week to week, and this list is only a general outline of what tasks to expect. Given the limited amount of hours each week, tasks will be given various priorities. Your tasks include, and are not
limited to:

  • Producing painting projects for clients
  • Painting
  • Staining
  • Pressure-washing
  • Caulking
  • Scraping, sanding, and other preparations
  • Minor wall repair
  • All training is provided
  • Assisting with finding employees by advertising job postings
  • Postings are pre-created by the team, simply required to share the post
  • Training rookie painters
  • Collected lead information from interested clients, if approached
  • Filing receipts for expenses
  • Providing critical feedback to content created for advertising and hiring purposes
  • Editing grammar, suggesting new phrasing, new ideas, better content/images, etc.
  • Uploading and updating progress through Google Drive
  • Meeting weekly for updates
  • Training through online resources, video tutorials by the company, and 1-on-1 or group training sessions
  • Using the business custom CRM, SIMON
  • To insert leads
  • Report hours
  • See next work location
  • And more!

We know you’re a killer candidate, and which is why we’re expecting more from you!

  • A passion to grow yourself
  • This job is a time waste to the wrong person. Be critical with yourself, you’re entering an atmosphere to grow, are you really looking for something as intense as this or are you just looking for a time pass that pays?
  • A lot of your responsibilities are timed or need to be done in a deadline
  • Are you organized enough to pace yourself and maintain time budgets?
  • Organized calendar
  • Critical thinking skills, ability to provide honest and professional feedback
  • Professionalism; a line between friendship and work
  • Honesty, integrity and high self regulation
  • You will sign off on your own hours so we need a high level of honesty and the ability to monitor yourself and be your own leader
  • Technological understanding of Google Suite (Docs, Sheets, Slides)
  • This can be provided if missing
  • A strong willingness to learn and openness to coaching
  • Huge learning curves here, are you up to it?
  • Initiative taking ability
  • Where can you improve the business? How can you provide more? We expect you to be looking for opportunities like this (i.e. maybe you would like to create a post towards some Japan-based charity and use the clout from donating to drive sales, etc.)
  • Quick and professional communication with teammates
  • Flexibility to use multiple softwares to share and engage with teammates
  • Break the overtly professional stigma!
  • We’re a group of students, why not add a bit of fun into our work? We don’t always have to be strict and professional; it’s about finding the balance between being amicable and still being able to be a star player in a business setting
  • Think of it this way: if you ran a business, and you were willing to bring on a student of your calibre, what would YOU expect from them?


“I don’t love money” —said no one ever. Okay, maybe a few did, but this section outlines how we’ll be compensating you for all the hard work that you do!

  • Please refer to the job details for the hourly wage
  • The hourly base rate is not subject to change even if the legal base rate increases, unless the legal base rate goes above $15 an hour, then this position will follow the legal base wage.
  • Every two weeks, employee review for $0.25 to $0.50 wage increase
  • Completing a project within a timeframe leads to bonuses
    • For example, if a 10 hour project is completed in 8 hours, get paid for all 10 hours as a bonus despite only working 8 hours
    • Average wage of painters after wage bumps and bonus is close to $17.50 an hour
  • Wages are to be made via direct deposit biweekly
  • Wages will be delayed in standard two week fashion for processing and hours verification.


  • Carpooling options are available with several other members of the company
  • Discounts on paints at Dulux, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin William and Home Depot
  • End of year bonus may be available
  • This may be modified into an “end of tenure” bonus if the employee predetermines that they will depart from their role and gains approval for their plan
  • This is subject to employee performance
  • Discount on painting projects for personal projects
  • Access to Pro versions of softwares as needed, such as Google Suite, Trello, Canva, Over, Discord, YouTube, Envato Elements and more.
  • If the employee chooses, they may work more than 35-40 hours a week to earn additional income, upto a max of 48 hours
  • No overtime pay is available due to the structure of the booking system. For more information, contact us.
  • Opportunities to grow and take new and higher positions in the company
  • We believe in scaling individuals that are driven, committed and results-oriented
  • Other benefits to be introduced as the role progresses and as new benefits become available

Questions? Comments? Feedback on how this could be improved? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Please forward any comments to

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