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Campbellton, New Brunswick Employment Information

Campbellton, New Brunswick Overview Located in northern New Brunswick, Campbellton is a small town home to just over ...

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Campbellton, NB
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Campbellton, New Brunswick Overview

Located in northern New Brunswick, Campbellton is a small town home to just over 7,000 people. It is a main tourist attraction for sport fishermen from across the world, and ranks as one of the top small tourist destinations in Canada. Campbellton's education level is slightly lower than the rest of the province and Canada, as 14 percent of the population has a university degree, compared to the national average of 25.9 percent and the provincial average of 20 percent.

The cost of living in Campbellton is lower than the rest of the country and in New Brunswick. An average home costs about C$155,000 in the city, although there is real estate that sells for much more and much less.

Campbellton, New Brunswick Job Opportunities

Forestry, tourism, and fishing are the three main industries in Campbellton. As a centre of forestry and fishing, the city exports paper goods and fish products throughout the world. Jobs in these industries do not typically require a university degree. This includes fisherman, truck driver, general labourer, and foreman. The largest distribution of workers outside of forestry and fishing is found in the sales and service industry, business, and health care sectors.

Other opportunities lie within the tourism sector, as Campbellton experiences an influx of visitors during ski season and fishing season. This creates many opportunities for seasonal jobs as well, such as ski instructor, cashier, or customer service representative on the ski fields. Other large employers in the area include Walmart and other retail stores.

Campbellton, New Brunswick Employment Trends

The unemployment rate in Campbellton is high at 13.7 percent, especially in comparison to the national average of seven percent, and the New Brunswick average of 10.1 percent. However, this number is down significantly since 2014, when the jobless rate was 21.7 percent. However, few new industries are moving to Campbellton, and as a result, job growth is falling at 2.2 percent annually.

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