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Carleton Place, Ontario Overview Located 30 miles east of Ottawa, the town of Carleton Place has 9,800 residents. Once ...

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Carleton Place, Ontario Overview

Located 30 miles east of Ottawa, the town of Carleton Place has 9,800 residents. Once known for its logging and textile industries, Carleton Place is now a centre of manufacturing and technology. Its proximity to Ottawa also enables residents to work in government and banking, which detracts from overall employment in the town. Another major branch of the economy is the tourism sector, as the town has many trails and other attractions on the Mississippi River.

The overall cost of living is similar to towns of the same size, but cheaper than the rest of Ontario. This is due to lower housing costs compared to the major metropolitan areas of Ontario. The average home price is C$162,000, while the average rent is C$625. The annual median income for a household is just over C$55,000.

Carleton Place, Ontario Job Opportunities

Carleton Place has a number of industries offering potential employment. They include construction, technology, manufacturing, retail, education, tourism, and health care. Each of these job sectors look for candidates with a various levels of experience and education. The tourism sector of the economy thrives during the summer months, as visitors from across Canada come to experience the outdoors.

The top employers in Carleton Place are Cavanagh Construction, DRS Technologies, Walmart, Carleton Place Memorial Hospital, and the town of Carleton. All of these businesses need skilled employees such as store managers, nurses, IT professionals, and general labourers.

Carleton Place, Ontario Employment Trends

The local economy has experienced job growth over the past decade, and has led to an increased number of jobs and population. However, Carleton Place has an unemployment rate of 7.7 percent, which is greater than both Ontario and Beckwith County, where the city is located. Nevertheless, employment looks strong in the future as more manufacturing and technology jobs move into the city.

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