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Dauphin, Manitoba Employment Information

Dauphin, MB Overview Dauphin is located in the province of Manitoba (MB) and has a population of just under 8,300 ...

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Dauphin, MB Overview

Dauphin is located in the province of Manitoba (MB) and has a population of just under 8,300 residents. Despite its size, the community has a strong infrastructure and supports a downtown area with a variety of shops and a mall with more than 15 stores. Dauphin, MB experienced extreme poverty in the 1970s, with the federal government funding a minimum income program in the area, popularly called "Mincome." The program survived for a few years. Since that time, the city has developed into an arts community that acts as a regional centre for healthcare and retail within the greater Parkland area. The cost of living in Dauphin, MB is less than elsewhere within the province. The median household income is just C$35,500 per year versus the provincial average of C$47,900 per annum.

Dauphin, MB Job Opportunities

The unemployment rate is very low in Dauphin, MB. While the province as a whole boasts a low unemployment rate of 5.5 per cent, Dauphin's unemployment is only 2.7 per cent. The median age of the population in Dauphin, MB is 47.3, versus an average in Manitoba of 38.4. The aging population means that there will be more job opportunities going forward as current residents retire. Job opportunities tend to support the cost of living. In Dauphin, MB, less than five per cent of the population could be considered low-income, versus almost 17 per cent in the province as a whole.

Dauphin, MB Employment Trends

Roughly 25 per cent of people in Dauphin, MB work at home. Sales and service occupations account for just over 20 per cent of the jobs in the area, followed closely by trades work like equipment operators, which corners 18 per cent of the jobs in Dauphin, MB. Business and finance positions are also popular. They account for over 16 per cent of the work in the area. Health care and social services is also an important industry in Dauphin, MB.

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