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Grimshaw, Alberta Overview Located just west of Peace River, Grimshaw, Alberta is in the northern part of the ...

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Grimshaw, Alberta Overview

Located just west of Peace River, Grimshaw, Alberta is in the northern part of the province. It sits at the junction of Highway 2, Highway 35, and the Mackenzie Northern Railway. The town was named for a pioneer doctor who lived in Peace River Crossing and practiced medicine there in 1914. It has a population of just over 2,500, which was a nearly one percent decline from the previous census in 2006. It started as an area rich in natural resources, so farming was a strong industry. Since then, the economy has shifted as the city has become more of a distribution centre for the northern portion of the province.

Alberta has a lower cost of living than other provinces in Canada. This is due in part to the lower property taxes and more affordable housing markets. Many people in Alberta also enjoy shorter commutes and more affordable goods.

Grimshaw, Alberta Job Opportunities

Since Grimshaw is fairly small, the job opportunities are limited. There are local schools that offer employment to educational professionals. health care employees can also find work at local medical facilities while others can find jobs in retail or as a customer service representative. With three local financial institutions, there are also opportunities for those in financial services and banking. Grimshaw certainly has a small-town feel, with a town office that provides assistance to new residents and locals who are looking for help in finding an auto repair shop, grocery store, or other business.

Grimshaw, Alberta Employment Trends

Employment in Grimshaw is decreasing since the population is slowly declining. There are some unique local festivals and celebrations in the area that draw interest from those in surrounding communities, but it isn't a thriving business location, so there aren't as many new jobs as are available in other parts of Canada. Those who want to live in a quieter part of Alberta will enjoy the slower pace of life in Grimshaw.

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