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Lake Louise, Alberta Employment Information

Lake Louise, Alberta, Overview The peaceful hamlet of Lake Louise, Alberta, is literally above what most people in ...

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Lake Louise, Alberta, Overview

The peaceful hamlet of Lake Louise, Alberta, is literally above what most people in Canada experience. Situated about 1,534 metres above sea level, Lake Louise village is the country's highest community.

A short distance from the lake of the same name, Lake Louise has grown over the years to accommodate visitors who wanted to call the area home. Alberta has a relatively low cost of living, which is reflected in the basic expenses of Lake Louise. The lake and nearby Banff National Park, the first national park established in Canada, still attract about four million visitors each year to the pristine mountains.

Thanks to a robust tourism economy, several industries may feature opportunities for job seekers in Lake Louise.

Lake Louise, Alberta, Job Opportunities

The labour market in Lake Louise is expected to stay strong in a few key areas: sales, marketing, and advertising jobs; retail trade managers; information technology; and managers in social, community, and correctional services. The average wage for sales, marketing, and advertising jobs is C$28.85 an hour, while social, community, and correctional services managers make an average of C$32.11 an hour, according to reports from the Government of Canada Job Bank. Retail trade manager jobs are listed at C$23.28 an hour.

These job opportunities require various levels of education and skills. Managers in regulated industries may need licences to perform the duties associated with the job. Workers in unregulated industries may not need a licence, but they may still need to get certifications required by an employer.

Lake Louise, Alberta, Employment Trends

The increase in job opportunities in the sales, marketing, and retail industries can be linked to the number of people expected to retire, according to the Government of Canada Job Bank.

Job forecasts also depend on other changes in the economy, technology, or demand for a product or service. However, the Canadian labour market is expected to stay strong overall.

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