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Milton, Ontario Employment Information

Milton, Ontario Overview With tremendous population spikes between 2006 and 2011, Milton, Ontario, has become one of ...

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Milton, ON
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Milton, Ontario Overview

With tremendous population spikes between 2006 and 2011, Milton, Ontario, has become one of the fastest-growing towns in the province and a popular home for Toronto commuters. However, plenty of jobs exist within the town's borders for residents who don't want to drive 40 kilometres down Highway 401 every morning and evening.

Like many other towns in Ontario, Milton suffered an economic downturn during the most recent recession, which inspired higher unemployment rates and financial instability among residents. In 2014, the tides began to shift, and the region experienced renewed growth that is expected to continue through 2016.

Milton, Ontario Job Opportunities

The retail sales industry flourishes in Milton, Ontario, with numerous small, privately-owned shops as well as a number of international franchises. Businesses are looking for professionals in customer service, shipping, receiving, in-house sales, and management. Companies like Home Depot and Staples rank among Milton's largest employers.

Additionally, jobs in general accounting, from ledger management to CFO, provide positions for entry-level professionals all the way up to C-level executives. Other industries that are consistently hiring in Milton include manufacturing, agriculture, construction, information communications technology, and legal services.

Milton, Ontario Employment Trends

The town of Milton launched an economic development plan in 2014, according to the town's website, in an effort to boost Milton's profile and foster growth in tourism. The plan includes a focus on both agriculture and retail development as well as plans to bolster local infrastructure.

Milton has also begun to focus on space planning issues to ensure efficient use of commercial land. The plan includes several initiatives, including the creation of Small Business Enterprise and Skills Training centres. Government officials hope to foster small business growth in the downtown district and to help businesses succeed by introducing new technology and improving the appearance of downtown business facades.

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