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Mississauga, Ontario Employment Information

Mississauga, ON Overview Mississauga is within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), making it part of the largest labour ...

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Mississauga, ON Overview

Mississauga is within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), making it part of the largest labour force in Canada. It's home to over 21,000 businesses, employing over 423,000 people. Sales and service occupations account for about 23 per cent of the city's employment, which is on par with both Ontario and Canada. Mississauga's business, finance and administration jobs stand out, employing 20 per cent of the city's workforce as opposed to only 17 per cent of the work force in Ontario and 16 per cent in Canada.

Accordingly, Mississauga has a greater concentration of employees with post-secondary qualifications in business management, public administration, architecture, and engineering compared to Canada and Ontario. If you're pursuing a degree in one of these areas, you'll be in good company in this city.

Mississauga, ON Job Opportunities

Mississauga's top occupations are professional jobs in natural and applied sciences, accounting for about 6.5 per cent of the city's workforce. Administrative and financial supervisors rank second and service representatives and customer service professionals are third.

In coming years, employment growth is expected to be particularly strong in the IT field for computer and information systems managers. Finance professionals will have an increasing number of job opportunities as financial and investment analysts, loan officers, insurance adjusters and payroll specialists. Strong job growth is also projected for restaurant and food service managers, accommodation service managers, conference and event planners and HR specialists.

Mississauga, ON Employment Trends

The employment rate in Mississauga is 62.3 per cent, with unemployment of 8.7 per cent. This area is a strong economic generator. Though it experienced an economic downturn around 2009 along with much of the county, it has since recovered. Mississauga participates in several programs designed to assist job seekers and those employed in the area, including the Ontario Self-Employment Benefit, Job Opportunities for Youth Program and Opportunities Fund to increase employment for persons with disabilities.

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