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New Brunswick Overview As one of Canada's Maritime provinces, New Brunswick features strong economies in both the ...

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New Brunswick Overview

As one of Canada's Maritime provinces, New Brunswick features strong economies in both the urban and rural areas. Major cities like Moncton, Fredericton, and Saint John offer modern, service-based economies built mainly from the finance, educational, retail, insurance, and healthcare sectors. Moncton, the province's largest metropolitan, has a low unemployment rate thanks to its status as a retail, commercial, transportation, and distribution hub. The capital city of Fredericton is dominated by the military, universities, and government services, while Saint John, the most populous city, features major port facilities and heavy industry.

New Brunswick's rural areas are home to the fishing, farming, mining, and forestry industries, providing jobs outside the major cities.

New Brunswick Job Opportunities

New Brunswick features important urban centres, historic cities, arts and cultural influences, and major universities like Crandall University, the University of New Brunswick, Kingswood University, and Mount Allison University that drive the province's economy. This has resulted in a wide variety of career options for everyone from new college graduates to senior executives. With the commercial, retail, and hospitality sectors thriving, job seekers can find career options in retail management, sales, accounting and project management. From government and educational positions to skilled trades, New Brunswick has it all.

New Brunswick Employment Trends

The province's unemployment rate is higher than the national average, but cities like Moncton boast unemployment rates below the national average. This is because Moncton is New Brunswick's largest and fastest growing urban centre, so it goes without saying that employment opportunities are better in larger urban areas. Job seekers will want to focus on these metropolitan areas to have the best pick of job openings. Combined with one of the nation's largest military bases in Fredericton, a surge in prosperity in Saint John, and economic growth throughout the province's cities, New Brunswick's economic future looks bright.

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