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Niagara Falls, Ontario Employment Information

Niagara Falls, Ontario Overview Niagara Falls enjoyed an economic boom following the city's investment in tourism ...

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Niagara Falls, Ontario Overview

Niagara Falls enjoyed an economic boom following the city's investment in tourism during the 1970s, resulting in a major tourist centre boasting open parkways, a giant Ferris wheel and two casinos. In more recent years, however, growth has stalled to a rate much slower than the national average, and the city's unemployment rate tends to fluctuate around eight percent. Despite this, the city is bouncing back, focusing on economic goals that go beyond the tourism spectrum.

Niagara Falls Job Opportunities

Thanks to Niagara's attempts at economic rebranding, the city has become an attractive base for businesses. With its close proximity to the Greater Toronto Area, a multi-modal transportation network, reliable electricity, advanced fibre optic telecommunications and a reasonable cost of living, Niagara Falls has welcomed a variety of businesses in recent years, creating more opportunities for the regional labour force.

Government service, management, health and hospitality opportunities dominate the city's employment trends. And thanks to the 12 million people visiting Niagara Falls each year, tourism remains the top employable industry.

Niagara Falls Employment Trends

Unfortunately, Niagara's unemployment numbers don't lie: the city continues to have the highest unemployment rate in Ontario. Only the Maritime provinces exceed these kinds of unemployment trends. Niagara Falls regularly experiences employment rates at least two percent higher than those in Toronto, resulting in more job seekers flocking to the Greater Toronto Area.

With that being said, employers in Niagara Falls actively seek skilled individuals who are capable of being part of a team. City leaders have proposed tax incentives and investments that would lead to job creation and advancements in research and education. The city has already seen multi-million-dollar investments in the forms of new shopping centres and business developments, creating many commercial and retail job opportunities. Although the economy in Niagara Falls has stalled, its future looks bright.

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