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Pointe-Claire, Quebec Employment Information

Pointe-Claire, Quebec Overview Most of Pointe-Claire, Quebec belongs to suburbs, with street after street of quaint ...

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Pointe-Claire, Quebec Overview

Most of Pointe-Claire, Quebec belongs to suburbs, with street after street of quaint bungalows and cottages as well as larger homes. However, Quebec Autoroute 40 serves as an industrial corridor from which companies involved in manufacturing, engineering, and other businesses operate. Additionally, the downtown neighbourhood of Pointe-Claire boasts a network of retail businesses as well as other establishments.

A vast amount of public green space attracts new residents to Pointe-Claire every year. However, population growth lags behind other areas of Quebec, which can influence the stability of the economy. After the recession, Pointe-Claire businesses have been slow to recover, but they gain ground every quarter.

Pointe-Claire, Quebec Job Opportunities

Local retail establishments are consistently hiring in Pointe-Claire, from small outfits to larger businesses, such as Canon Canada and The Body Shop. The retail industry represents more than 17 percent of the total jobs available in the town. Other major employers include Future Electronics and Bell TV.

The health care industry also represents a point of major job growth. Workers of all types are needed to staff doctors offices and other health care clinics in the area. Additionally, the public sector employs a large percentage of Pointe-Claire workers, and social services jobs are available in abundance.

Pointe-Claire, Quebec Employment Trends

The unemployment rate is slightly higher in Pointe-Claire, Quebec than in other parts of the province, according to Statistics Canada. However, the median household income hovers just above C$30,000, which means that Pointe-Claire residents bring home more income than other province residents. Low-income households are fewer and farther between, owing in small part to the status of the town as a suburb of Montreal.

The number of full-time jobs in Pointe-Claire has remained somewhat stable over the last few years, but an influx of part-time jobs geared toward students has boosted the economical possibilities for young people. The retail trade remains strong in this town, as well.

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