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Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia Employment Information

Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia Overview Port Hawkesbury is located on the southwestern end of Cape Breton Island in Nova ...

Banking Advisor Intern

Royal Bank of Canada
Port Hawkesbury, NS
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CBI Health Group
Port Hawkesbury, NS
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Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia Overview

Port Hawkesbury is located on the southwestern end of Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia. The town was originally called Ship Harbour after the harbour where it's situated. The area has a unique mix of service and business providers and is mostly a service centre for Cape Breton Island. Additionally, many jobs in Port Hawkesbury are in large industries in the industrial park in Point Tupper.

Since Port Hawkesbury is on an island, the cost of living is slightly higher. For example, residents recently saw an increase in their water costs. Rates went up eight percent in 2015 and 6.2 percent in 2016.

Port Hawkesbury Job Opportunities

There are plenty of development opportunities in strategic sectors in Port Hawkesbury, including manufacturing, energy, technology, transportation, and distribution. Seafood processing, steel fabricating, paper and pulp manufacturing, and manager jobs are the region's major sources of occupation. These areas also continue to show growth potential.

Port Hawkesbury also has a long history in the energy sector. The area has been a centre for petroleum product refining, shipping, and storage since the 1970s. Today, Port Hawkesbury continues its role in energy development by entering new roles as a centre for offshore oil and bioenergy.

As the town continues to capitalize on its location, the retail and hospitality sector will also continue to grow. As such, sales associate jobs and retail assistant jobs are available.

Port Hawkesbury Employment Trends

While the unemployment rate for Canada was at 7.1 percent as of December 2015, the unemployment rate in Nova Scotia is slightly higher at 8.6 percent. However, Nova Scotia has a relatively small labour market, so a higher unemployment rate isn't unusual. Even so, officials in Port Hawkesbury are optimistic in the town's growth. The area has the deepest ice-free port in North America and a committed and dedicated workforce, so workers should still find jobs in Port Hawkesbury.

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