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Richmond, British Columbia Employment Information

Richmond, BC Overview As part of Vancouver's metropolitan area, Richmond enjoys the economic boost provided by ...

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Richmond, BC Overview

As part of Vancouver's metropolitan area, Richmond enjoys the economic boost provided by Vancouver's tourism. A workforce of over 100,000 workers contributes to the Vancouver metropolitan economy, and Richmond has an average of 1.35 jobs for every worker. The cost of living in the Vancouver area differs based on neighborhood. Residents of the metropolitan area enjoy a higher household income than the British Columbia average, but also experience higher housing costs.

Richmond's immigration makes it unique among Canadian cities. Sixty-five per cent of Richmond's population comes from immigration, especially in recent years, which has contributed to recent population growth and a growth of multicultural tourism. A significant amount of this immigration has come from Asia.

Richmond, BC Job Opportunities

Cranberry and blueberry crops dominate Richmond's significant agricultural industry, and a large portion of the eastern city is farmland. High-tech businesses have become a significant aspect of Richmond's economy in recent years, including five of BC's 10 biggest tech companies. As a result, Richmond has a significant IT job market.

Richmond also presents a unique retail economy, in part due to the immigration and Asian culture prevalent in Richmond. The city is home to many shopping malls, several of which are Asian-themed. Richmond's Golden Village commercial area is home to most of them, and is the first place to look for retail jobs in Richmond, BC.

Richmond, BC Employment Trends

Within Richmond's major industries are multiple employment trends for job-seekers to look out for. The agriculture industry also calls for food processing and distribution. In tandem with distribution is transportation, and Richmond has hundreds of logistics and freight companies.

Richmond's tourism industry alone contributes over C$350 million dollars and 7,400 to Richmond's GDP. Tourism jobs in Richmond, BC also benefit from the city's proximity to the Vancouver International Airport.

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