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Smithers, BC Overview Smithers, BC is in the North Coast development region of the British Columbia (BC) province. The ...


Smithers, BC
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Guest Service Agent

Sandman Hotel Group
Smithers, BC
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Assistant Store Leader (Manager)

Smithers, BC
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Smithers, BC Overview

Smithers, BC is in the North Coast development region of the British Columbia (BC) province. The city has a population of roughly 5,000 people, which is fairly large for the sparse North Coast region. The area has barely 56,000 residents, with half of those living in urban areas and half living in more rural places. The largest city in North Coast BC is Prince Rupert. Compared to Smithers, it is more than twice as large with just over 12,500 residents but the cost of living is about the same. It would cost around C$42,700 per year to live in Smithers with the same standard that C$42,200 per year would afford in Prince Rupert.

Smithers, BC Job Opportunities

The unemployment rate in Smithers, BC is fairly low, with roughly 6.6 per cent of the population unemployed. The North Coast region of BC is expected to gain 20,100 jobs by 2022, when combined with the equally sparse Nechako region. While around 65 per cent of this increase in job demand is due to the aging population in North Coast and Nechako BC, some 35 per cent is attributable to organic expansion. The Forestry Industry is a major employer in the Dawson Creek, BC area but other areas of interest will also have increased job opportunities going forward, especially in the mining, fishing, and wholesale trade industries.

Smithers, BC Employment Trends

The overall job growth rate for North Coast and Nechako, BC is 1.5 per cent per year, but certain positions will enjoy increased growth. The demand for heavy equipment operators in the area increases by 2.7 per cent per year on average. Opportunities for plumbers, pipe fitters, masons, construction workers, and tradesmen is also expected to increase considerably, at a rate of 2.4 per cent per annum. Most of this growth comes from large projects in the area. Projects already under construction are valued at C$7.8 billion and there are more projects still in the proposal phase. These are valued at C$101.8 billion.

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