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Thompson, Manitoba Employment Information

Thompson, MB Overview Thompson is a city located in the north of the Manitoba (MB) province. Also called the "Hub of ...

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Thompson, MB Overview

Thompson is a city located in the north of the Manitoba (MB) province. Also called the "Hub of the North", it is some 830 km from the United States border and 739 km from the capital of Manitoba, Winnipeg. Thompson, MB is the largest city in the Northern region of Manitoba. It has roughly 13,000 residents, but there are roughly 50,000 to 65,000 people in the area who use the city as a trade centre and around 88,000 people in the Northern region as a whole. The population density for Thompson, MB is around 747 but it is 0.2 for the North region of Manitoba.

The cost of living is very low in Thompson, MB. On average, residents spend just C$645 per month to rent a two bedroom home in the area and the average income is high. While Manitoba as a province has a median annual salary of C$24,484, Thompson residents enjoy a median salary of C$31,795 per annum. It also has fewer people living in low-income compared to the rest of the province.

Thompson, MB Job Opportunities

The unemployment rate in Thomson is almost 7 per cent, which is higher than Manitoba's 5.5 per cent as a province, but the city has a young population and the economy is growing. The median age in Thompson, MB is 30.6 years of age, compared to 38.4 years for the province. Just over 75 per cent of people in Thompson are 15 years or older, versus almost 81 per cent for the province.

Thompson, MB Employment Trends

Sales and service is the primary industry in Thompson, MB, accounting for almost 29 per cent of the jobs in the area. However, trades like equipment operators and transit workers make up almost 19 per cent of area work, followed by business and finance jobs with 14 per cent. Retail jobs are also popular.

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