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Vaughan, Ontario Employment Information

Vaughan, Ontario Overview The largest employment centre in York Region, Vaughan's economy has remained relatively ...

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Vaughan, Ontario Overview

The largest employment centre in York Region, Vaughan's economy has remained relatively stable throughout the toughest of economic times. Thanks to its readily available workforce of more than 186,000 people, the city has become an attractive location for both small- and medium-sized companies as well as large corporations.

In fact, more than 340 companies employ in excess of 100 people, and only 81 percent of all Vaughan businesses employ fewer than 20. This kind of employment has helped drive the area's entrepreneurial culture, attracting even more businesses and job seekers. Much of this growth is also thanks to the city's large supply of employable lands, which are protected and developed for the sake of continuing the city's strong economy.

Vaughan Job Opportunities

Thanks to a reputation that attracts and retains businesses, Vaughan offers a variety of job opportunities in IT, finance and management. The retail and wholesale trades are strong, as are the hospitality and food services. Vaughan also boasts a solid transportation and warehousing sector. Professional, educational, entertainment and health care round out the city's employment industry.

The top industry in Vaughan, however, is manufacturing, which makes up 23 percent of the city's employable industries. Notable manufacturers based here include Weber, Marble House, PR Doors and Nisim International, but other major productions include plastics, automotive and medical devices.

Vaughan Employment Trends

With an average of 3.4 percent employment growth over a ten-year period, Vaughan has outpaced even the Greater Toronto Area. The city's unemployment rate is frequently 2 percent lower than the province, and median income tends to be higher than the provincial average. That results in a high quality of life for all residents, who enjoy easy access to Toronto and nearby universities, including York University. With these kinds of characteristics, it's no wonder Vaughan often ranks as one of the fastest-growing municipalities in the country.

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