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Wetaskiwin, Alberta Employment Information

Wetaskiwin, Alberta Overview A rural city with a population of about 11,000, Wetaskiwin is located in central Alberta. ...

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Wetaskiwin, Alberta Overview

A rural city with a population of about 11,000, Wetaskiwin is located in central Alberta. Wetaskiwin is situated in the heart of one of Alberta's agricultural areas. It also boasts ample green space and parkland. With Edmonton just a 35-minute drive away, all the amenities of a large city are at the residents' fingertips. Wetaskiwin is known for its low cost of living, and housing and other living essentials are much more affordable in this small city than they are elsewhere in Alberta.

Wetaskiwin Job Opportunities

Available Wetaskiwin jobs include positions for manufacturing and agriculture professionals, information technology and accounting experts, and retail and customer service specialists. The Wetaskiwin area also typically has job openings for creative professionals and hospitality specialists.

In the Wetaskiwin area, the highest-paying jobs include physicists and astronomers, who earn about C$50 an hour; mechanical engineers, who have hourly wages of C$48 an hour; agricultural representatives, who earn about $49 an hour; and speech-language pathologists, with hourly rates of nearly C$48 an hour. Electricians and metal contractors also earn high salaries of over C$40 an hour, as do secondary schoolteachers.

The lowest-paying Wetaskiwin jobs include textile workers, who earn between C$11 and C$15 an hour; farmers and farm workers, who earn about C$18 an hour; automotive installers and servicers, who earn about C$17 an hour; and amusement operators, who earn just C$15 an hour.

Wetaskiwin Employment Trends

Wetaskiwin's growing economy benefits from the city's proximity to Edmonton, efforts by local business owners, and initiatives by the city's economic development department. The city's South East Industrial Park Development, low cost of commercial and industrial land, and skilled workforce will continue to attract both businesses and job openings in the foreseeable future. Some of the strongest prospects for Wetaskiwin jobs include positions in education services, utilities, health care, and business services.

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