Accounting Jobs in Barrie, ON Overview Barrie sits on Lake Simcoe in Ontario and is part of the Greater Golden ...


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Accounting Jobs in Barrie, ON Overview

Barrie sits on Lake Simcoe in Ontario and is part of the Greater Golden Horseshoe.

Along with many independent accounting firms, Barrie offers accounting job-seekers a number of distinct opportunities outside of typical auditing, tax preparation, and financial management jobs . Accountants may work for one of a few multinational companies within the Barrie area doing business accounting.

Opportunities exist for all levels of accounting experience in Barrie. An entry-level accountant, for example, may keep the books for small businesses involved in Barrie's significant tourism industry. Accountants with management experience may oversee the finances of one of Barrie's educational institutions, or manage the finances of a health care centre.

Barrie, ON Accounting Job Market

Many accounting jobs in Barrie, ON will follow Barrie's projected economic growth, as expanding industries provide new job opportunities for accounting professionals.

According to the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, Barrie's metropolitan area (which includes Kitchener and Waterloo) is faring well in the job market, creating a significant amount of new jobs while seeing a declining unemployment rate. Industries seeing the most growth in Barrie include:

  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Transportation
  • Real Estate

With growth in the IT services industry, Barrie is an attractive place for job seekers with experience in IT related fields, like accounting information systems. Both construction and real estate present significant opportunities for accountants in Barrie as well, creating more opportunities for real estate accountants.

Accounting Salaries in Barrie, ON

The average hourly wage for accountants in the Kitchener-Waterloo-Barrie area is C$30 an hour, which is comparable to Toronto's C$30.77 an hour. The Barrie area sees less fluctuation in the top and bottom 10 per cent of earners compared to Toronto. The top and bottom accounting professionals earn C$19.23 and C$48.08, respectively.

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