Accounting Jobs in Brampton, ON Overview Though known as a suburb of Toronto, Brampton is a large city with a ...

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Accounting Jobs in Brampton, ON Overview

Though known as a suburb of Toronto, Brampton is a large city with a population of over half a million and a growing economy, significant in its own right.

Several national and multinational companies are in Brampton, ON. Accountants working in Brampton may find jobs as staff accountants at large accounting firms, as financial analysts or budgeting for businesses, or accounting for one of Brampton's many sports teams.

Brampton's accounting job market favours bilingual professionals. Not surprisingly, the most commonly requested second language is French, so accounting professionals moving from Quebec to Ontario should consider Brampton when seeking new employment. Almost 20 per cent of Brampton's population speaks Punjabi, and other languages are valuable among companies and corporations that conduct a significant amount of international business.

Brampton, ON Accounting Job Market

According to the City of Brampton, major employers include processing, distribution, and trucking companies. Accountants with business familiarity, including plant accounting and cost accounting management, will find exciting opportunities in Brampton. Additionally, a number of retail, food, and automotive companies have Brampton branches.

Brampton has a significant number of accounting firms, investment firms, and tax preparers. Many firms serve local businesses, which means experience in business taxation is key for accountants seeking employment in Brampton. Accounting firms are good places to find entry-level staff accountant jobs for new accountants in Brampton.

Accounting Salaries in Brampton, ON

An accountant in Brampton earns a median salary of C$46,000, which is slightly less than the Toronto area's average of C$48,750. However, Toronto sees a higher cost of living than Brampton, with the most significant differences in rent and grocery prices, and considerable differences in retail items and leisure activities.

The bottom 10 per cent of accounting professionals in Brampton earn C$31,000 or less, and the top 10 per cent earn C$58,000 or higher.

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