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Administration Career Information

Administration Job Overview Administration work, known as admin for short, is often carried out in an office ...

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Administration Job Overview

Administration work, known as admin for short, is often carried out in an office environment and administrators are usually required to carry out a number of different tasks as part of their job. These tasks may include data entry, scheduling, bookkeeping, coordinating meetings and secretarial work, while in small businesses, administrators may be asked to undertake human resources and accounting work as well. For many organizations, administration roles are vital and employees working within administration carry out a number of essential day-to-day tasks in order to keep a business running. Various different jobs fall under the administration umbrella, with examples including: admin assistants, office coordinators and data entry clerks.

Another option for career seekers is an administrative service manager position, which typically involves directing and coordinating activities and projects within the admin department. Specific job tasks vary based on the position, but many oversee other members of the administration team.

Administration Job Education Requirements

One major benefit offered by careers in administration is their relatively basic entry requirements. Indeed, many admin jobs do not require any sort of college or university degree, making this a viable career path for a wide range of people. Nonetheless, many roles within administration will require applicants to be educated up to degree level and figures indicate that almost 20 per cent of secretaries and administrative assistants possess at least a bachelor's degree.

Administration Job Market

Administrative jobs are vital for the smooth operation of businesses and as a result, careers in administration are considered a fairly safe long-term investment, as demand will likely remain high. Indeed, current projections suggest that the number of people employed in administrative jobs will continue to increase over the next 10 years, with higher demand for computer systems administrators, secretaries, administrative assistants and office clerks.

Administration Job Salary Information

Statistics show that the average administrative clerk earns a wage of C$20.19 per hour. At the top end of the scale, admin clerks can earn up to C$30.00 per hour, but entry level jobs may pay as little as C$12.25 per hour. Examples of median hourly wages for other administration jobs include:

  • Network Administrator - C$28.00 per hour
  • Database Administrator - C$31.79 per hour
  • Financial Administrator - C$38.46 per hour
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