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Administrative Assistant Job Skills

Admin Assistant Job Overview Administrative assistants take care of the essential everyday tasks that keep an office ...

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Admin Assistant Job Overview

Administrative assistants take care of the essential everyday tasks that keep an office running. Responsibilities may include recordkeeping, report preparation, and scheduling. Administrative assistants get to know the inner workings of the company and can provide information in person, by email, or over the phone to clients or customers. They may direct incoming business or even help employees determine which department they need to collaborate with to solve various problems. These professionals can also work within specific departments. A legal assistant might help draw up documents, while a human resource (HR) administrative assistant could be part of the hiring or termination process or assist with benefits administration.

Applicants should be detail-oriented and proactive. They're often responsible for tasks like stocking the supply closet and kitchen and ordering ink and toner for printers and copy machines. It's important that they keep ahead of these tasks so the office doesn't fall into disarray.

Admin Assistant Job Education Requirements

Admin assistant jobs typically require a minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent. Strong communication and computer skills are important, so training in programs like Microsoft Office will improve your job prospects even if your education is not from a university degree. Two-year programs are available for administrative assisting that can give you an edge over other applicants as well.

Some administrative assistant jobs have special requirements. Legal administrative assistants, for example, benefit from a working knowledge of the law. Admin assistants in healthcare need an understanding of medical terminology, healthcare office procedures, medical billing, and coding. An administrative assistant in Human Resources often needs to understand the facets of dealing with human interactions in the workplace.

Admin Assistant Job Market

The market for admin assistant jobs in Canada is considered average. Employment peaked in 2008 and has declined steadily since. However, employment growth for admin assistant jobs remains higher than the average for all occupations. Since you can find this position in many different industries, it may help to expand your job search to include similar titles such as corporate secretary or executive assistant.

Admin Assistant Job Salary Information

The median salary for entry-level administrative assistants in Canada is C$37,336. Annual pay generally falls between C$28,614 and C$49,326. A bonus of up to C$3,000 and commission up to C$10,304 can further increase earnings. Profit sharing typically falls between C$202.13 and C$4,993 for this job. Altogether, these perks put the average annual salary between C$26,637 and C$49,250. Experience increases admin assistant salaries. An experienced administrative assistant enjoys a median annual salary of C$40,087.

Administrative assistants often work their way up to higher positions, such as office administrator, accounts payable clerk, or bookkeeper. With enough knowledge and experience, this career path could also lead to a position as an office manager or HR specialist, although these jobs might require additional education.

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