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Advertising Career Information

Advertising Job Overview The definition of advertising and the requirements on jobs in this sector have changed ...

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Advertising Job Overview

The definition of advertising and the requirements on jobs in this sector have changed dramatically over the last few decades. As the digital age has ushered in the ability for a local company to reach potentially millions of prospects from around the world, a truly global approach now encompasses many operations. Still, the core ideas within this industry remain the same. It is the job of an advertiser to reach the most relevant target market and successfully promote a certain product or service. Various mediums can be used to accomplish this, including email, television, online exposure and even traditional newspaper ads - to name but a few.

Advertising Job Education Requirements

The requirements will depend upon the job type desired. Entry-level advertisers may only require the will to succeed in a competitive marketplace. However, many companies will require a target-driven individual with a strong sales background. Knowledge of computers and digital software such as CAD and Photoshop is preferred; these programmes are frequently used within the industry. A strong and outgoing character are necessary traits, as is the ability to meet specific quarterly and annual targets. For upper-level positions such as a advertising director, a two-year university degree (generally the minimum) in marketing, sales or business management is normally mandatory. Those with prior experience will naturally stand a better chance than an applicant with no previous industry exposure.

Advertising Job Market

The job market for those looking to pursue, or continue, a career in advertising is quite promising within Canada. This is primarily the result of a burgeoning economy and an increasing consumer base both domestically and abroad. As this field now embraces the digital age, those who possess the relevant technical skills are in great demand. For these reasons, advertising is seen to be one of the most lucrative industries throughout Canada.

Advertising Job Salary Information

As there are many levels within this industry, the pay scale will vary accordingly. An advertising sales representative will earn a median income of $38,032 dollars. Conversely, senior project manager can generate an average income of $78,663 dollars, as stated in recent statistics.

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