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Animal Care Job Overview Animal care workers take care of many types of animals. They are tasked with grooming and ...

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Animal Care Job Overview

Animal care workers take care of many types of animals. They are tasked with grooming and bathing animals in addition to feeding them and giving them an adequate water supply. They are often responsible for helping them get exercise and tending to other needs the animals may have. The species range from farm animals and pets to wild animals. Some animal care workers may provide care to help injured animal be rehabilitated so that they can return to the wild, while some train animals on the sets of movies and television shows.

Animal Care Job Education Requirements

Most animal care workers tend to learn in the field while actually doing the work, but that means that most start out in a volunteer or internship position. Many zoos and humane societies may provide their own on-the-job training programs. Since access to training programs is not possible for everyone, it's best to give oneself a leg up by pursuing formal education. Also, if one wants to move up to more high-paying positions with animals, a college degree will be necessary. A focus on animal care courses in college will be helpful, but a sole focus on that is not necessary.

Those who are seeking animal care jobs should pursue certifications in the field that they hope to work.

Animal Care Job Market

Animal care jobs are likely to be in demand as long as people and animals seek one another's company. Many people are crazy about animals and long to be close to even wild species. That is just one of the reasons that there is an anticipated 15 percent growth in animal care positions within the next 10 years. That's a rapid growth that far exceeds the growth that's anticipated for other occupations. Other jobs that are anticipating growth include part time jobs and healthcare jobs.

Animal Care Job Salary Information

Animal care workers can expect to earn an average annual salary of around C$22,500. Newcomers can expect to earn less, while those with a lot of experience can earn significantly more. The best way to position oneself to be competitive for the highest-paying positions is to specialize in a certain field. Companies are likely to pay more to have someone that they trust to do the job well when unpredictable animals are involved.

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